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January 13 2007

Coming soon - Serenity Blueprints. QMX are promising blueprints which "will be *the* definitive resource on Serenity's design, layout and systems". And get this, they'll be created by two of the Serenity movie designers, Geoffrey Mandel and Tim Earls.

took THE WORD right outta my mouth, Craig.

Looking forward to seeing them!
Finally! I've been a little confused as to the placement of the portside plasma intake manifold pressure/teperature sensor. Does that go in front of the primary induction coil spark relay, or after? This should settle THAT issue, finally.
Great. Can't wait to see who builds the first full working version.
Would that be full size, you are looking for, Commandlinegamer?
But the ship was different between series and movie, how can there be definitive blueprints? ;)
I'm guessing they'll be blueprints for the movie version, since QMx has been getting licenses for Serenity and not Firefly.
Here's the word from QMx's Andy Gore:

"Movie version -- but that's because Tim Earls, who designed both ships' deck plans (Firefly & Serenity) and is doing the actual blueprint part of our blueprints, advised us that the design for the original wasn't realistic (aka, the insides couldn't fit in the outsides.) For the movie they went back and tweaked all the design elements (right down to the hydraulic lifts on the cargo ramp) so that everything would actually fit and work on a real ship. The first Serenity was kind of a fantasy; unless you think it had TaRiS like capabilities ;-)"

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