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January 13 2007

Charisma vs. Morena - results of the Wizard Wonder Woman poll. It was a pretty clear cut victory for one of the actresses (spoilers for Veronica Mars S3 Ep 1 btw). And Wizard Universe are currently running another comic book casting poll where Nathan Fillion is one of the choices for who should play Green Lantern.

I know it isn't technically since the show's been on in North America but there's a 'Veronica Mars' S3 spoiler for anyone that hasn't got there yet.

Hmm, clearly we Morena-ites didn't hear about this poll or the result may have been a bit different. I don't see CC getting it but I can imagine much worse candidates.

(and Ryan Reynolds has to play The Flash, he's just the perfect fit. BTW, did anyone read his blog as linked by 'Two guys..' pal Nathan Fillion ? Funny, clever and with a social conscience, Lindsay Lohan take note ;)
-And a voice in the wilderness cries out two words:

Summer Glau.
Hmm, as i don't have a TV Iw as wondering about whether it was just likely or definite that ChC's charcater was no longer wandering the Veronicaverse.

I was going to compare this to the problems of casting Evita but once I typed it out I realized there was even less connection than I thought.

Given that super-hero movies have become noticeably less star-driven than other types of films, I can imagine Joss getting his way on the casting. Whomever he picks. And I think there's the usual background palys going on we never see publically until decades later when autobiographies come out. (I'm only 51;I figure with luck I'll get to read all of them excpet maybe Michelle's.)
I haven't even heard a whisper about this poll, or the website for that matter.

I think CC would be perfect for the role.
How do they come to ten years?
Wait, what happened to Priyanka Chopra?
Unfortunately....they both have limited acting ranges. I KNOW that's blasphemous....Charisma is a better actress than Morena--
but Morena's look is soo awesome...
Yes still I would love to see someone Latin looking.... Ms Hayek anyone?
hmmm Wonderwoman with an accent? Why not?
Has there been any news on when casting will begin? It feels like this has been in disucssion for absolutely ages now.

Personally, I would like to see CC in this role.
Has there been any news on when casting will begin? It feels like this has been in disucssion for absolutely ages now.

Thankfully, as has been said time and time again, casting won't begin until the all important script has been finished. I'd rather the writing take priority over the casting right now. Hollywood is littered with comic book movies that could have been better had the script been worked on that little bit more...
A nitpick I know but ... "Wizard Woman Woman", sorry but I'd hate to lose my sense of wonder.
Thanks crossoverman.

I was also wondering if any of us were privy to the Wonder Woman project plans?

I assume Joss has a script deadline etc... just wondered if any of this infomration has come out?
sorry but I'd hate to lose my sense of wonder.

I think I lost my sense of proofreading. Good catch.
Also, you know those photos at the top of the site ? Well, almost none of them hang straight, i've just been too polite to mention it before now.

hbojorquez; I don't know about "looks" per se. Salma Hayek rmembeber is of Lebanese ancestry so she's "genetically Middle Eastern." And Charisma's mother is MExican. (and her father is Cherokee so there's indio on both sides.)

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