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January 13 2007

"Drive" recasting complete. Now starring Richard Brooks and Dylan Baker among others.

Richard Brooks as Detective Ehrle? Classic.
Hah, Minear you scamp ! ;)
Tim doesn't play Resident Evil 4 does he?
Cool- I am very interested in seeing Richard Brooks play a detective!

Richard Brooks as Detective Ehrle? Classic.

This? I love. Hah!

Also, it's not been mentioned on Whedonesque yet, but Riley Smith has also been cast. He used to be in Freaks and Geeks.

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This has made my day!
Nathan and Richard on the same screen? *dance of joy*
Wow, this cast is fantastic. Gotta dance with joy with April and everyone else on the Nathan and Richard pairing.
I only recognize a few names, but those I do know make me giddy with joy. I still have K Callan's book, How to sell yourself as an actor, and the kind letter she sent me back in 1991 when I was investigating acting schools. She is one of a kind.
Richard Brooks was Jubal Early from Objects in Space, right?

I am becoming more and more intruiged with Drive the more I hear about it. I hope that it becomes a huge success like Lost, and actually delivers upon it's potential rather than being stuck in first gear for years.
Just found out that Charles Martin Smith directed "Welcome to the Hellmouth". Knew his name was familiar.
Kristin Lehman? Omigod, Invisigoth! *dead from X-Phile joy*
What an outstanding cast. I can't wait.
Kristin Lehman? Omigod, Invisigoth!

I KNEW I knew her from somewhere. Only one of the X-Files most memorable minor characters, imho.

Razor already said what I'm thinking: I am becoming more and more intruiged with Drive the more I hear about it.
Could someone repost the link for the Drive update site? Think it might have been on LJ?

kthanx :)

ETS: Never mind! Decided not to be a lazy a$$ and googled it:

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Jubal Early and Malcolm Reynolds, together again? I ask you, does that seem right? ;-)
You just had to go there, didn't ya, billz?
Dylan Baker. Holy smokes.
Jubal Early and Malcolm Reynolds, together again? I ask you, does that seem right? ;-)

Well, it sounds like they're antagonists again. And we got to see so little of that in OIS, with the Cap'n getting knocked out and imprisoned so quickly. I predict fun.
Invisigoth! Early! Todd Schellinger from Freaks and Geeks! Alan Fisk! This is exciting.
Oh, I went there, Lioness. I went there. ;-)
Kristin Lehman is also from that other vampire television show, you know the one we not supposed mention.
.......hmmm.... Forever Knight!, I said.... forgive me.
I saw a commercial for Drive during 24 tonight. Maybe this means Fox will give it serious support. Let's hope so.
I'm glad Melanie Lynskey is staying! Heavenly Creatures, Shattered Glass, even Ever After - I just love her.

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