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January 13 2007

Sarah Michelle Gellar's stringent requirements. On her website, Jo Chen posts the pencil sketches she did to audition for the Buffy Season 8 covers... and suggests that SMG had some say in the use of her likeness.

Direct link to image here!

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Those actually are some really great likenesses of her. SMG seems to have one of those faces that's very difficult to capture correctly, but those do the job and then some. :)
Wow. That's one of the first times where someone's actually managed to capture her likeness really well. Those are some awesome sketches.
Otherwise, it recognizes that you're not loading it from within the page and blocks it.

Ah, I see... Sometimes that trick works...
I read once that SMG was one of the most photoshopped ladies online due to her near-perfect facial symmetry. Apparently if your features are especially symmetrical, then you're much easier to photoshop.

Gorgeous sketches!
Those are great sketches, Jo captures her perfectly.
The left and right images are really great. Without a doubt you can tell it's Sarah.
Huh. What's been solicited is pretty different that these, though both are excellent. I wonder if Chen meant Gellar's "stringent requirements" mean just in trying to capture her likeness or Gellar's actual stated demands. I seem to recall Joss or Mike Ryan saying the actors had to approve sketches.
Is she doing any of the comic artwork or just the covers? I like her work.
I agree. This is very impressive work.
Jo Chen is at least doing the covers to Joss' four issues. Michael Ryan is on the entire run interior pencils. I think.
Michael Ryan is doing the pencils on runaways. Georges Jeanty is doing the pencils on Buffy, if i remember correctly. Jo Chen is doing covers for both.
theyarescientists is right. Are right? ;-)

I hope Chen does more covers than just Joss' arc. It'd be great if she could do all of Season 8.
I maybe like her pencils even more than her finished stuff. These sketches are amazing.
hey, they are scientists, not english majors.

do jo chen and joss have some kind of special relationship like joss and cassaday have? i'm just trying to remember if they had previously worked together.
Hey Scientists, ("they" being Keith, Chris, and Michael?) as far as I know they don't really have much of an established relationship. (Uh, I don't know what's been going on between Cassaday and Whedon beyond working on Astonishing though...)

She did a Kaylee cover for the Serenity mini-series, but before that Joss was just a fan of Runaways, which she did most of the covers for. Apparently he even picked up the series because of her work on the first cover of the series.
Wow, those look really great, and I definitely agree they look more like SMG than Jo's actual finished covers.

Nice, nice stuff.
Those are beautiful pencils. Wonder just how stringent SMG's requirements were ? If I was her i'd probably just say "You know the face on nearly every doll of me ever made ? Well, nothing like that.". Reckon that'd cover it ;).
Wow - very impressive, she captures Sarah perfectly!
Interesting the drawings are actually supposed to look like the actors, quite often they don't want them to look the same, and so the cartoon character look totally different.
and suggests that SMG had some say in the use of her likeness.

Forgive me if I'm wrong but wasn't it reported here that all actors have a say in the use of their likeness in cartoon form.

Thanks for correcting me. I knew that, I swear. There's just too much (actually, there can be never too much) going on in the Whedonesque (+ Jo Chen)comics industry for me to think straight some times. I probably thought I was in the other thread about the Runaways #25 cover.
Those sketches are amazing. And I think it's just right for SMG to ask for a high standard of likeness, after it it's how she is going to be portrayed, and if the actor insists on very high quality then it means us fans don't have to put up with something that looks really terrible.
The thing that hit me strongest was how much her sketches of SMG look exactly like SMG and how much her covers do not really look like SMG. Although that has not bothered me at all, it seems...odd somehow...or just interesting. This woman is very good, no matter how you look at it.
I agree the sketches on the left and right look exactly like SMG. Amazing. The covers look amazing too, not quite as good likeness, but still very good imo.

I agree that it's a good thing SMG insisted on a high standard of likeness because we definitely all benefit from that.

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Those are really amazing. I think Sarah puts a high demand on the images for us, the fans. Nobody wants to look at a Buffy that doesn't look like Buffy.
SMG is gorgeous and therefore, so is Buffy.
Wow. That's one of the first times where someone's actually managed to capture her likeness really well. Those are some awesome sketches.

Oh...I know of another who can get not only SMG, but pretty much the entire Whedonverse heavy hitters, down to an unfathomable science. Head over to ( and look for any submissions by Mike Phillips (member ID "mphillips"). You will be both blown away by Mike's skill...and completely flabbergasted that he's actually been turned down by IDW Comics and others ;)

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