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January 14 2007

Nicholas Brendon's Fire Serpent to air Feb. 24th. From Nick's site: Nick's next TV project, formerly titled Alien Fire has been renamed Fire Serpent It will air Saturday, Feb. 24, on the SciFi Channel. The network has posted a synopsis of the movie.

I'm new so I hope this hasn't been posted. I just saw this posted on the 14th on his site at

When is Nicholas going to get a MySpace page like all of the other cool kids? I long to add him to my friends list.

Awww. You're so awesome for linking to my update so quickly! But ... er... um... is there any way we could get his last name switched to "Brendon" in the headline? With an O?

As for MySpace, I actually have been meaning to pitch that to him. Until then, you could always befriend one of the four or five fake Nicks there!
Finallllllllly. Clearing my calendar.
Holy Cow!
*slaps head*

I just saw that. Can one of the mods correct his name?

Edit. Nevermind. Just fixed it.
Such a newbie thing to do.

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If you click the link right now, you can see Tara (Amber in Gryphon) and Xander (Nick in Fire Serpent) both featured in new SciFi productions. Cool.
Who is it who names SciFi movies? They always have such cheesy titles! In any case, I'm glad to see Mr. Brendon doing a new movie. Yay Nick! :-)

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Whew. All better now.
And I didn't even notice Amber! Very cool.

They are so talented and it's so nice to see them in new projects.
Go Nick! I definitely plan to tune in to his and Amber's films on SciFi but I just hope the quality is up to par with their talents. I am usually so let down by the films on that network. In fact, I'm watching one right now with Amber Benson as one of the stars and it is really bad (not Amber of course) called Intermedio. Don't know if SciFi made it or got it someplace else and is airing it.
Actually, "Fire Serpent" sounds better than "Alien Fire" somehow, since it describes the monster here. I'll check it out.
And it sounds way better than "Fire The Alien Serpent"
Is it just me or does the word "Alien" make you think the movie is set 1000 years in the future, while the word "Serpent" makes you think the movie is set 1000 years in the past?

Also, I hope Space picks up both movies.
I shall be watching the flicks...even though I've never seen a good movie made by SciFi. Hell, I watched Mammoth for Summer. I can do this.
Yeah, I've seen some sort of bad SciFi channel movies. I will sometimes watch them anyway because I am predisposed to like that sort of thing. :)
I think occasionally they make a pretty good one. I liked their adaptation of 'Dune' when I saw it.
If I had cable I would watch both of these just to see the actors. It is what my wife and I call the Power of Whedon.

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