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"Some terrifying space monkeys maybe got loose?"
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January 14 2007

Another newcomer tries on the lasso and boots. Stuff On My Cat gets into the Wonder Woman act.

She is pretty, but can she fly an invisible jet?
Ha! Just got the Stuff on My Cat book for Christmas.
That is just cruel.
There is such an AWESOME dirty joke here, and I'm just walking away.
Fortunately bogu_salias, I never walk away from a dirty joke.

That sure is one nice Wonder Pussie!
My favorite putting costumes on a cat was at Christmas, when Jenna Fischer made James Gunn and their cat both put on festive antlers. In the picture of the 2 of them (on James's website and MySpace), they're both staring at the camera with the same expression of humiliation and contempt, lol!
I'm sorry but she's just all wrong for the part. Wonder Woman has blue eyes and dark hair. Plus she seems a little on the short side. Maybe she can play her little sister.
Cruelty. Plain and simple.

But who am I to talk? I give my dog banana sticker bindis all the time!
Well, I would be a hypocrite to mock this poor cat's owner for putting her in this outfit, because I also subject my cats to such indignities. However, a think a cute little pink Isaac Mizrahi number is a far cry from a Wonder Woman outfit.

Still, I laughed.

And frankly, this is more plausible casting than all the other rumors of the week. Hey Joel and Joss, go for it! Cross-species casting is IN.
My friends' cat dresses herself in a "cape", by putting her head through the holes in the top of a plastic grocery bag, and running around with it hanging off her back. I didn't put two and two together until now.
Thanks a lot, woo & hoo.
Now I've got Fresca all over my monitor.

banana sticker bindi. *snikker*
always glad to be of service!

(and I'm not supposed to mention the June Incident...w/ the sparkle eyelashes and bollywood bootyshaking. *sigh* My dog hates me now ;)
The cat looks justifiably indignant at being put through that torture.

A propos of nothing, I just had the most horrible thought for casting the role of Wonder Woman: Keira Knightley. I'm shuddering and breaking out in a cold sweat. Please tell me that there is no chance of this, that it is just the product of my rancid imagination!

Especially she, but also many many others who have been bandied about are too f'n skinny.

She's also too young, too short and lacking in the natural grace and majesty required. Diana is an Amazon warrior, a Princess, a former Olympian goddess, an ambassador and an unqualified equal to Batman and Superman. Physically she should be 5'11" - 6'3" tall and 135-165 pounds of muscle and womanly curves (though I have always thought this sounds too light relative to the height. All of it fluctuates anyway depending on the source, the year, the writer, and the editor, but the artists do not seem to listen anyway).

So Ms. Needsasnack just doesn't fit (she apparently had to train 4 days a week for 7 months just to look the way she did in King Arthur).

Of course they could toss all of the canon physical representation out the window and go with a Hollywood waif, retconning devilishly by explaining that Diana's strength does not come from her body, but from the goddess Demeter.

Regardless...KK's too media exposed, something I heard Joss said he didn't want.

To save the the endless loop of conjecture I won't throw in my bid for who I think fits, but I will say that KK does not, according to my specs (and what does it matter what I think, beyond my $10.50 at the box office?)
Sydney does look mad . . . .

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