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January 15 2007

Jhiera from AtS episode "She" is Bai. The Angel guest-star, Bai Ling, talks about her sexual experiences, preferences, etc. Juicy stuff. ;).

Ha. I just saw her in an episode of Jake 2.0.
She's been stating this publicly for about 10 years.
Too bad Jewel didn't get Bai's role on Lost, being as she's a Matthew Fox stalker and all. ;-)

BTW, I really don't care much about Ms. Ling's orientation. It's not my business, and I also don't think it's a big deal if someone is bi, IMO.

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It's not my business, and I also don't think it's a big deal if someone is bi, IMO.

Yes, it shouldn't be a big deal. So saying it should be shrugged off, but it isn't. Until people get used to hearing people coming out as gay and bi, it's important for people to keep saying it. Particularly people in the public eye.
Oh my heavens this girl is a train wreck. Y'all should see some of the get ups she puts on to go out in public. It's the sartorial verson of saying, "Look at MEEEEEE, LOOK AT MEEEEE!"

The sharp-eyed ladies over at "Go Fug Yourself" have kept a record of some of her more inspired creations. Warning: it's not all "Oh, my eyes! The burning!" type of pictures, but keep scrolling, friend. You're in for some mighty creative uses of floss and shiny bits of cloth. And maybe the odd hair scrunchie. (Those can make lovely skirts!)

For the record I have no problem with Ms Ling being bisexual, though I am sympathetic to her prospective dates/victims. Evidently neither gender is immune from the grace of her overexposed charms. Open season on everybody. Sounds exhausting for the people she gate crashes, I mean parties with.

We can always count on her to bring a little crazy, bless her heart.
I like the girl. Shes a touch over dramatic and yes seems to want the attention firmly placed on her, but that doesnt really differentiate from any other Hollywood star.

And hey, I think its good that she can say she's bisexual. I did a paper on bisexuality recently, and pretty much argued that everyone is bisexual to some degree, and that society as a product of religion has supressed us. So good for her for supporting my arguement.
Bia Ling is bisexual as a publicity move- it's fine for women to say this, but when was the last time a male star did? The country seems titillated by gay women- in fact, case in point, I was watching an episode of Bones when two of the lab rats (the conspiracy theorist and the brainy geek kid) tried to hit on a delivery woman, only to find she was more interested in the lady lab rat, and the conspiracy guy says to the geek that it was even hotter than if she had chosen either of them- the geeky kid did not understand why, but the conspiracy guy told him to trust him and that it was).

Listen, the sheer absurdity of these kinds of PR should bother everyone. This is not about being gay, straight or bi- I think all should be respected under the law and have fought for gay rights- this is about marketing, nothing more. Otherwise, why not see PR from, say, Sarah Michelle Gellar in which she says- I'm straight and I love sex. Well, heck, don't most of us? Who cares? Why does this matter?

Also apocalypse, I'm not sure she proved your thesis: she is one person, not everyone, and nothing she said had anything to do with society and religion supressing her. That's the research scientist in me reading way too into your comments, but still... :-)

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Jhiera is bi? Hot! *ducks*
Well, that had a gigantic Lost spoiler in it. I am not a happy camper, but I clicked so it's my bad.
This reads like an "interview" from a men's magazine...or what the interviews in men's magazines used to be like back when I was around men who...never mind.

Anyway, I find it interesting that bi-sexuality is the headline when it sounds like totally indiscriminate sex and multiple partner sex etc. are what she is talking about more than anything. Honestly it made me very sad because it seemed very unhealthy in so many ways.

...Yes, I am affected by the fact that I lived through the crazy 70's and saw the fallout. It was not pretty.
Yep, she seems more omni-sexual than anything. Each to their own I guess so long as she's playing safe.

I kind of see what you're saying Dana and totally agree about the hypocrisy surrounding male and female homosexuality but just for a bit of context the 'News of the World' (feels like I should put scare quotes around news) is the kind of tabloid that other tabloids look down on. In my view it's only a few rungs up the ladder from the 'Daily Sport' which used to (may still do) routinely run front page stories about London buses on the Moon or Elvis being spotted working in a Swindon McDonalds.

Basically, if there's an even slightly more salacious spin to put on something they will and, like it or not, attractive women getting it on together is more salacious to the average male for whatever reason. Maybe not PC to admit but, IMO, true nonetheless.

(depressingly BTW, the NoTW is Britain's best-selling newspaper)
Aaaahh Dana note the word "support" rather than "prove" :)
Apocalypse: Noted. 5,999,999,999 to go! :-)

Saje: But she still had to give them the quotes and the information.
I think it's sad that they buried the most significant part of the article:

Chinese-born Bai says she had her first sexual experience when she was posted to Tibet with the People's Liberation Army.

Bai also got involved in the pro-democracy movement and the Tiananmen Square demonstrations. As a result she emigrated to the United States in 1991 and a whole new world opened up to her.

I think it's disturbing that the article describes the development of her political consciousness in sexual terms (I'd be a little sad if she describes it that way, too), but it seems she's done some difficult things to live a life consistent with her beliefs. Good on her. It's a shame nobody wants to talk to her about Tibet or democracy.
To be clear, this article is written by a UK tabloid newspaper. A newspaper which prints, frankly, crap. I can say with certainty they are known to just make stuff up all the time.
But she still had to give them the quotes and the information.

@dana5140 - perhaps she did give them something - but I think you're giving the News of the Screws more credit than is due. My sense is that it will market itself whichever way it can.
crossoverman, you make a good point, that maybe if more people came out, then there would be less shock value or discomfort around gay or bi people. But -- to agree with the many comments here -- this article looks pretty obviously to be about trying to be shocking, to act all excited that they've outted someone. It would be great to read an article about a person who is bi or gay where, as Jack Gladney pointed out, the focus was on the person's political beliefs or experiences in their work, etc., and the article mentions in passing the person's personal life (like when articles say "so and so is married with 2 kids," or "so and so is in a committed relationship" just as part of the biographical part of the story). I read a few weeks ago that the actor who plays Captain Jack in Torchwood got married; the article was great, because it talked about him and his husband both wearing kilts to the ceremony and where they got married (well, commitment ceremony, I think), instead of making a big deal about the fact that the gentleman (sorry, just can't think of his name!) is gay. :-)
I second purplehazel on this. It's the usual salacious nonsense that the News of the Screws is infamous for. They never let the facts or a real interview get in the way of their fetid imaginations. It's highly likely that they had no contact with the actress at all. Most likely they saw a press release and maybe some other interviews she's given and used them to concoct the sort of crap they dish out to their readers.

She may well be AC/DC and that's fine but it isn't news, is it? It's just tittilating gossip.

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