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January 15 2007

James Marsters latest Q&A. James talks about what he and Sarah did on 9-11 and Kathy Bates, among other things.

I always knew Sarah was a kind and compassionate person, it's nice to know that she really is just like anybody else effected by such a tragedy.
Nice interview, possibly my favorite to date. Thanks for the link Spikey. :)
I agree that this was the best Q&A so far, IMO.
I wonder when he met Kathy Bates and hope it has something to do with him getting an acting role.
Killinj, Kathy Bates is also starring in PS I LOVE YOU with Hilary Swank, Harry Connick Jr., Lisa Kudrow, etc. She plays the mother of Hilary Swank.
I was wondering the same, killinj. Kathy Bates is such an intensed actress, I would think a young actor would melt away in her presence. I would not be surprised if James perked his ears and picked up some pointers.
MAdhatter;James is well past 40 which doesn't make him that young by comparison with Kathy Bates. And she only hit big in '94 herself.
"Totally sweet with a spine of steel"...I would be so flattered to have someone describe me that way. I hope he got some scenes with Ms.Bates. The producers of Smallville said on the DVD that James had brought everyone's "game" up. I'd love to see him perform with someone whose acting skills impress him.
Wonderful Q&A, can't wait to see PS I Love You. But, when in the heck are we ever going to get to see Shadow Puppets?!?! I don't care if it's a theater release or DVD release, I have been waiting and waiting and dang it,I just wanna see it!! Has anyone heard anything???
Madhatter & killinj, if you haven't been keeping up with James' career, what you might have missed from spikeylover's reply is that "PS I Love You" is the movie that James just filmed along with Kathy Bates, et. al.

And according to IMDB, Kathy Bates was born on June 28, 1948, making her over 14 years older than James. It says she graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, USA in 1969 with an BFA in Theater, which would have been before James' seventh birthday, and before he even played Eeyore in school. So I think there's a little age difference between them.
Originally posted by DaddyCatALSO:
"And she only hit big in '94 herself."

Actually, it was somewhat earlier than that. In 1990 she starred in Misery, which she earned a Best Actress Oscar for.
And did a great job. It's definitely a case of picking an actress to fit the image I formed after reading the book.

Really enjoyed the Q & A.

I myself learned about 9/11 after receiving an email from a Buffy friend; I then went to the BC& S and broke the news there.
Actually, it was somewhat earlier than that. In 1990 she starred in Misery, which she earned a Best Actress Oscar for.

deepgirl87 - You took the words right out of my mouth. Or fingers.

Even though James is 14 years younger than KB, he's not a young (nor old) actor. He's a seasoned actor, with an entire lifetime in theatre before he came to television, and now movies.

At any rate, I agree this is the best Q&A of his I've seen. Good questions. Good answers.
At first I wasn't that impressed with the whole Q&A thingy, but now I've gotten to where I really look forward to them and I agree, they just keep getting better.

Love the Christmas decoration answer. I can just see him wrestling with strings of lights and tensil :D But really I'd be more intereted in his least favorite household chore ;)

Now I'm just looking forward to the next screen appearance announcement. Hope it's something we'll get to see soon.
I think this was the first time I ever saw him refer to himself as a New Yorker. I think in that particular situation any of us with ties to the City, felt like New Yorkers.
I agree, newcj. He lived there for what, a couple of years? So I think he was referring to the other members of the cast that were either from New York or had lived there for a time.
deepgirl187; As God is my Judge, I thought Misery came out in 1994.
deepgirl187; As God is my Judge, I thought Misery came out in 1994.

newcj, anindoorkitty: I believe James graduated Juillard, so as an alum of a school there he ahs a mroe specific tie beyond living there for a while.
I was under the impression that he dropped out and did not graduate.
luvspike, I don't think he dropped out, I think he was expelled! *Naughty boy*
James neither graduated from Juilliard nor dropped out. He was kicked out because of his "rebelliousness" against the curriculum and he has always spoken very openly about how much he does NOT regret it.

Their loss! :)
Yeah, I knew he was kicked out, but I couldn't think of a polite way to put it. Dropped out sounds nicer.....but I agree, their loss!!
LOL! Well, props for being polite, luvspike. I was only being blunt about it because James has been so honest about what happened. And he certainly went on to bigger and better things soon after--Juilliard was just a bump in the road.

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