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January 15 2007

'How I Met Your Mother' is not a traditional sitcom. "It's definitely ... a lot easier than a one-hour [show], but it's a lot harder than a traditional sitcom," says Alyson Hannigan. Article refers to the show as a "single-camera" comedy hybrid and talks about the new breed of comedies being offered, focusing on Aly's show in particular.

“There’s no way we could shoot this amount of material in front of an audience,” says co-creator Craig Thomas. “It would blur the line between `audience’ and `hostage situation.’”


I love this show more than is humanly possibly.

It's weird that people are still going on about Ted marrying Robin's sister (in the comments of the article).
"HIMYM" takes a little bit of effort to get into. And the episodes vary in quality quite a bit, which complicates things for the viewer. But I agree that it's well worth the effort-- one of the most underrated shows out there...
I'm waiting for Barney to say "Space suit up!" Maybe he'll be an astronaut for next Halloween.
Due to years of building sitcom burnout, I didn't catch much of the HIMYM's premier season -- until the very end and was immediately hooked.

I love creators who break molds.

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I love HIMYM more and more each time I watch it. It does give something different to the viewer that is not your standard sitcom. It has a lot of heart and at the same time a lot of wit. So cool that their staff has so many chicks. That doesn't happen so much in Hollywood, so kudos to Craig Thomas and Carter Bays (the creators) for having the guts to "break the mold" as Love's Bitch pointed out!
I must admit I probably wouldn't have tried HIMYM if AH hadn't been in it, and almost certainly wouldn't have finished watching the first episode, as it just screamed "traditional sitcom" to me. But I'm glad I stuck with it. After a few episodes I started to really get into it, and by the end of the first season I was loving it. In the end it wasn't AH who made it so good for me, but Ted (or the actor who plays him).

(are you guys laughing?)

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