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January 15 2007

"Drive" to air on Mondays before "24"? The latest rumor from "a reliable source" is that "Drive" will premiere April 15th with two eps back-to-back, then go to airing Mondays at 8:00 PM, which would make it the lead-in to "24". And Variety has confirmed the airdate. ETA:View the new Drive promo here.

The actual date of the premiere and time slot might change between now and April. will keep posting the latest reliable updates.

That's great news, plus there's an awesome tag that you assigned to the article.

It's probably better to have 24 as a lead in, but it could be worse, it could be followed by most of the other shows that fox puts on the air.
But... sputter... but... 'How I Met Your Mother' is on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. Allyson or Nathan? Nathan or Allyson? Waaaaaaaah!
napua, here's a VCR. Welcome to 1981!
VCR or TiVo, napua! And I am guessing that HIMYM will be ending its season in May, so the dilemma won't last all that long. At least it's not going into the Thursday or Friday night time-slots-of-death(TM)! :-)

ETA: Thanks for the tag love, theyarescientists (which, great tag yourself, dude)! :-)

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Hereos is on NBC in that timeslot and it is the big hit. I would hope that it is on hiatus when Drive hits the road.
I think Heroes would be up against 24. I might be wrong though. My tivo got upset when i season passed 24 yesterday, cause i already had heroes down for that time slot.
Time for people to get those dual tuner dvr's then.
That's the latest, yep yep.
No, Heroes is on against 24, 9 pm EST. So Drive shouldn't compete with Heroes.
Yep, Heroes is on at 9 (well, 8:00 here in the heartland, where the news comes on at 10 and we go to bed earlier than you coastal folk!). In any case, Heroes and 24 are opposite each other. I guess that puts Nathan up against people deciding about briefcases. ;-)
Mondays at 8 on Fox is Prison Break. Its a pretty big hit for Fox. Are they going to change the days it is shown?
Off the top of my head, I think Fox might actually be able to finish airing Prison Break by mid-April. They have 9 more episodes to go, and it's starting up again on the last Monday of January, so if Prison Break runs through those 9 episodes consecutively, Drive would probably be replacing Prison Break.
Hasn't ABC scheduled the next round of Dancing With The Stars for Monday's at 8?
Oh so, hopefully they can entice the viewership of Prison Break to continue watching that same time slot the following week to catch Drive. Has that type of thing ever been successful?

Although the problem is they are showing the pilot on the Sunday evening. Would that be a bit problematic? And wouldn't they consider showing the pilot more than once, in case people missed the show Sunday eve, before showing the next episode?
At least they are showing the pilot at the beginning at all, kurya. You might be asking too much of them.
And wouldn't they consider showing the pilot more than once, in case people missed the show Sunday eve, before showing the next episode?

Perhaps it will be available for a limited time online, like so many other new shows these days. However, I haven't paid much attention to any Fox shows lately so I can't say for sure. Just a thought.
Sunday what? Isn't the latest that TVs next hit, Drive will be premiering in Prison Break's timeslot on MOnday nights? Where is the Sunday? What am I missing?

And, crossoverman, "napua, here's a VCR. Welcome to 1981!"

I scared everyone within a 1 mile radius with the laughter.
There could be worse things than being paired up with one of the most popular shows the season has to offer. I call this a good thing!! Thursday is too busy anyway. My VCR is my friend and will tape Drive while hubby and I watch HIMYM. So looking forward to this!!!
I am pretty excited to read that Fox is trying the 2-hour Sunday premiere thing. That's what they've done the last couple of years with 24, and IIRC they also did that with Prison Break (could be wrong on that one). In any case, I think it's definitely a show of faith on Fox's part to give that big block of their schedule to the new show. And, as b!X and others have pointed out, it will be quite an unusual experiment for Fox to show the pilot first but, by gods, it's so crazy it just might work! ;-)
Perhaps we'll find out when Fox do their presentation at the TCA press tour event this week. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a specific Drive panel.
Hasn't ABC scheduled the next round of Dancing With The Stars for Monday's at 8?

Dancing with the Stars vs. a Tim Minear show? Oh, we all know how this one ends.

I think "The Inside" is going to be a big hit.
Oh, We're not doing that one anymore?

I think DRIVE is going to be a HUGE hit.
When I first read that I was kinda worried: not only 'cause I'm a Prison Break fan and thought that perhaps it was getting shuffled but also because I thought that four excellent shows (24, PB, Drive and HIMYM) would all be on the one night at the same time. Scary.

But yeah, w00t! Drive on TV! Super!
From all the words of support from FOX I was definitely hoping for one of the three (three!) post-American Idol slots. 8 o'clock is just not good enough. Now I'm curious about which three shows are gonna be the lucky ones.
dark_tyler, in a few weeks, there will only be 2 American Idols a week (oh, whatever shall we do?). My guess is it might be like last year -- IIRC (and I could be so, so wrong here), the post-Idol shows would be House and Bones, yeah?
Happy birthday to me, then! :-)

For those bemoaning the "Heroes" conflict (particularly if they are already TiVo'ing two shows in that slot, like we are), keep in mind that Sci-Fi runs a, sometime. :-)
FOX's schedule confuses me, but if I got this right, by April there will be American Idol only on Wednesdays and Thursdays, you're probably right, billz. Bones was at some point supposed to move to Fridays, don't know what happened with that. But even with Bones on Wednesdays (House in on Tuesdays), that leaves Thursday's AI lead-out wide open...
AI is on Tuesdays/Wednesdays. It's only on Thursdays until they get to the final 12 in March. Drive would only have had the AI lead-in for 2 weeks if they had kept to the 3/1 schedule.

Personally I was hoping for a 9 or 10 o'clock slot. I want at least a little bit of sexiness with these stars!
Hey there guys, I could add this to the conversation ... FOX aired an ad for DRIVE during the sunday night showing of 24. It was short clips and the DRIVE "logo" (red streaks) with coming soon type of language.

That lends some credibility to the pairing of DRIVE and 24.
Intriguing... I wish I watched 24, now. Did the commercial show anything? And/or is it available online anywhere, yet?
billz, you make with da funny! Yes it is crazy.... to show the pilot first. The only reason I asked about showing the pilot more than once, because I believe that LOST was showed more than once right? And well with a promotional campaign they were able to get the audiance. So I am wondering if Fox will do the same thing. I just wonder that instead of airring 20(dunno the number) new shows, why dont they air half or less and try to maximize the marketting and exposure of those new shows. Or am I just talking crazy talk?
Septimus: I'm trying to convince a more techsavy friend to put it online... so if it pans out y'all get to see it ;)
I am putting the Drive promo on YouTube now (11.45am EST).
That's a great promo. Thanks for posting it.

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I've added the promo link to the subject line.
No Nathan? Boo.

When does it start shooting?
They start this week.

And I have a hunch there's promos in the works with the new cast members.

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You know, the unfortunate thing for NBC is that I'm going to have to watch Heroes some other way, whether downloading via iTunes, waiting for DVDs or just trying to read episode synops, because I am, and have been, addicted to 24.

I think it would be much wiser to put "Drive" before 24 because it is probably a much more light-hearted show. Putting 24 at 10 p.m. may not be a big deal but "Drive" should not compete with Heroes. That would be a bad idea.
Fox doesn't air shows at 10pm.
No Nathan?

Oh well, maybe shots from that came from what they have filmed already, who knows.

Not related to Drive but definitely to Nathan on YouTube: I watched a couple related clips that popped up after the Drive clip. How could I resist one called Nekkid Nathan? Okay so he's not exactly nekkid but it's a 3:57 clip of Nathan in some lighthearted scenes from Two Guys and a Girl, mostly featuring him shirtless. Could be satisfying for ladies hoping to catch him in the Drive promo. Or for the guys who just want to see him in a couple awkward situtations. Worth a grin or two.
Will "Heroes" still be part of Sci-Fi Fridays?
I think they are scheduling Heroes at 7 or 8 on Scifi Fridays just like they did last fall. It's a great strategy.
Variety confirmed the airdate so I added the relevant link to the subject line as well.
Thanks for all the updates to the subject line, Simon. It's gotten very linky up there! ;-)

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