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January 15 2007

Global Sci-Fi Charity Event! A global event. Wish it involved our favorite other solar system...oh wait it does.

Fans arranging Serenity Charity Screenings in
42 cities, 8 countries. And it is only January.

Fabulous. I am so glad this is happening again this year.
Shiny. They should sell those one sheets in the photo. Want.
Haha, this is cool, I might try and get to one :)

BTW, I think the listings of cities on the official website is a bit funny: London, England; Edinburgh, Scotland; Oxford, UK - seems strange to mix it about like that! "London, England" is a really American phrase anyway, we pretty much never refer to it like that over here (although I guess that's obvious).
I'm not sure why one is England and one is UK. The latter should be England also, I would think. Down with the UK! Er, I mean, let's just use each individual name because it makes the country count go up. ;)
I'm just glad Vancouver's hosting again - yay
Well, I just signed up there to try and be helpful and informative about Edinburgh (which is in Scotland, as you may have noticed :D ).
Yay! Edinburgh! That wasn't on the list last time I looked. I'll be there.

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This is great.

Yeah, Not identifying London as in England or the UK does make sense when you are *in* England, but if you are in the rest of the world, it needs to be identified. Wikipedia ( has 20 versions just in the USA and various others in Canada, South Africa and "other places".

I like this example best:

8837 London, asteroid

That sounds a bit jinxy. Picturing the movie, "When Londons Collide !" ;).

It is kind of funny to our eyes though especially given the number of Hollywood movies that have a street scene captioned 'London, England' and then a red double decker bus driving past. Bit of an amusing cliché over here ;).

(one thing i've noticed since reading more US centric blogs is I have to check when people are talking about 'The Times' just which Times they mean - technically the London Times is the only 'The Times' to my knowledge but it's an understandable short-hand for folks for whom 'The New York Times' is the paper of note)
Yes, to my knowledge, Toronto Canada, Edmonton Canada and Vancouver Canada are all in again this year.
And although up here we usually talk about the province i.e." Toronto, Ontario" I could see that being confusing to those in southern California where there is an Ontario, CA
Ah ha! New York City is on the list. Yea to whoever has voluteered to run this.

Blast, I forgot to check Kansas City (Kansas rather than Missouri.) A friend I rarely see lives there. At Christmas I found out she had seen some Firefly and liked it, but did not even know about Serenity. I'll have to check when I get home.

To take the whole labeling thing a step further, as in Canada where the Province is usually used, in the USA we also use the State since there can be up to 50 towns/cities with the same name. (Springfield, anyone?) That is why I laughed out loud when traveling in Washington (State, not DC) and saw the sign "Entering Vancouver, USA". Since it is not that far from Vancouver, Canada I could only imagine that they had had problems with sleepy drivers somehow getting confused and thinking they had gotten turned around...and if they are that sleepy I guess they might not be sure Washington was in the USA? ...It seems like it would be a strange name for a Canadian Province... ;-)

Totally OT but when I was in York (England)I thought it was very endearing the way residents I met seemed to take parental pride in the success of that little city in the Colonies that had been named after their own city.

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gossi | January 16, 10:10 CET
Shiny. They should sell those one sheets in the photo. Want.

Hi gossi,

Aren't they doing that? I think it says on the website email them if you to buy the t-shirt and poster.

I suggested in an email (see contact page) that they make mini-posters (8 1/2 by 11) on water-proof paper. As handouts and to post around. Or maybe make a document available so people can print their own mini-poster.

Also loot bags. Last year there was a Serenity Charity screening that gave out party bags with the word "LOOT" on them with the Equality Now bracelet in them and a Firefly trading card in plastic sleeve. Nice souvenir. Companies could print up ads to put in them. Hmmm, maybe an Equality Now/Can't stop the Serenity business card from the poster.
While I'm not sure what the final determination is, my understanding is that the intent and preference has been that the t-shirt and/or poster orders go through the individual organizers on the ground, not through the central site, so that the sales count towards each city's final take.

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"That is why I laughed out loud when traveling in Washington (State, not DC) and saw the sign "Entering Vancouver, USA"."

That's why I always put 'Vancouver (BC)' when I post on boards.;-)

Yes, we will be holding a screening - details to be worked out.
Very excited! I missed the Raleigh one last year but no way am I missing it this year.
Saje, if someone says, "The Times" around me I automatically assume The LA Times or the Seattle Times depending on what city I am in or who I am talking to. I don't even think of the NY Times and certainly not the London Times. I think maybe there are too many Times. Yes?

The T-Shirt and Main Poster Design for the 2007 CSTS Event -- Subscribe Below For E-Mail Notification on How You Can Purchase This Shirt First!

I see now. I thought what I read was email them and you can purchase. But it acutally says subscribe and then they will tell you how to purchase.


The blog entry B!x found says "shirts and posters" Whoo-hoo! That 2007 poster would go great next to the poster with Mal and Serenity's crew (Serenity Crew poster) on it that allposters and other vendors sells. Or the blue one.
Reading about all the Londons, of course my little brain thought of the planet of Londinium, birthplace of Badger. Can we get a screening there? ;-)
Yep billz, and there's free passage* provided you can put on a flawless cockney accent.

* Not open to cockneys. Or people good at accents. Or parrots.

I think maybe there are too many Times. Yes?

Yep, totally. If I ever own a paper i'm gonna call it the 'Teller to People of Stuff That Just Happened'. Not catchy i'll grant you but probably unique.

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