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January 16 2007

Astonishing X-Men Vol. 3: Torn will be in stores 1/31/07. As posted on, you'll be able to buy Astonishing X-Men Vol. 3 (issues 13-18) on the 31st. Amazon still had no date indicated with pre-order.

Is this date different from before?
Amazon is still only taking pre-orders.

Is this surprising? The book isn't released yet, so it seems that the pre-order status should be expected.
What I meant is that there is no date indicated on Amazon and I didn't see the exact date for it posted anywhere on here, but I guess I'm an idiot. Any admin: feel free to delete if old news.

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Unless some historical revisionist has got a toe-hold at Marvel, I suspect that the date is supposed to be 31/1/07.
Huh. I swear I fixed the year thing earlier today.
Don't buy it from Amazon. Support your local comic book store.

Don't know where one is? Check out or just call 1-888 COMIC BOOK.

This message sponsored by your friendly neighborhood supporter of local business.
But if your LCBS sucks, buy it from Amazon.
hahha, I put the wrong year.
I just am super awesome.
You guys probably think so highly of me now. :)

Also, WordsSayNothing, if my local comic book store has it, thats where I'll be purchasing it.

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