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January 16 2007

'Ask Seth' on Seth Green's Offical Site. Want to ask Seth Green a question that has been burning in you head for awhile or do you want to read the question other's have asked along with his Greeny answers. Well his offical site is now giving you the opportunity to do that.

Just posted my question... Thanks for the link!
Here's an interesting one...

Why did you leave "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"? - Rachel, Winnebago, IL

My character was conceived as a recurring character and by making me a regular, all of my time was dedicated to working on the show in scenes where my character seemed to be shoehorned into an inappropriate place so that I was regularly featured. I began having other opportunities and working on a show five days a week, 12-14 hours a day, in scene with 10 people, waiting for hours to say a line like "I think Buffy's right," precluded me from taking advantage of them. - Seth
Yea Harm... I thought that was pretty interesting too!
I did miss Oz, but I can totally understand his reasons. Someone like me would be very content to make a living standing around doing nothing with very beautiful people, but I have a feeling Seth is very motivated and creative and it sounds like his creative needs weren't being met.
So Rogue Slayer, that is why you hang around with us?
Scratches head trying to think of a way to say this delicately… Is it me or are several of Seth’s comments rather curt and pithy?
Lioness, Whedonesquers *are* the most beautiful people to hang around with. And the dental plan is amazing.
No, Simpleba, it's not just you.
Harm - I was fortunate enough to have the chance to work with Seth back on Rat Race, and we hung out a little bit. I remember asking him that same question, and got pretty much the exact same answer. He said he just didn't feel there was a place for him there anymore, but that it wasn't an easy decision to make.
Zeppo, cool story. Ya, Seth was becoming a pretty major figure in the movies at that point in time, so I'm sure he wanted to move on to other things. It's really great that he came back and did commentary for season 4.
Seth's reasons for leaving Buffy remind me of actors from another popular genre series. Both Andrea Thompson (Talia) and Julie Caitlin Brown (Na'Toth) from Babylon 5 quit after only one or two seasons because they got tired of waiting for their big storylines to come to fruition and wanted to pursue other acting opportunities. For the actors, I can see how it'd be frustrating. But for the writer(s), it must suck when you've got a plan that requires a long build up and the actors are impatient.

Guess it just depends on what your creative goals are, if any. Take Lost for instance. There're characters in Season 2 and so far Season 3 that have seen barely any development or attention for long spans of time. That might piss some of 'em off, but if I were in their position I'd just enjoy my Hawaii vacation, collect my paycheque, and enjoy getting credited as a main cast member in every episode even if I didn't show up in all of 'em or only said a few lines. Not the worst workplace situation to be in.

I wonder what major things Joss may've thought up for Oz (besides his eventual death).

Q: Seth, If you could choose a role from any movie you've ever seen, which role do you think you would've liked to play?

A: I really wanted to play the part Wes Bentley got in "American Beauty" but when I saw the film, I understood why I didn't get it. I thought he was great and the film was perfect. - Seth

That's pretty cool that he tried out for that part. That year, 1999, when a whole bunch of creative and/or thought-provoking, indie-ish films really hit the mainstream, I was 16/17 and had really begun to love movies as much as I already loved TV. American Beauty was a pretty big part of that. If I were an actor and I could choose any role in that film to play, I would take Ricky too. I'm glad Wes Bentley won out over Seth (and reportedly a bunch of young male "name" actors at the time), Seth wouldn't have been right for it and he acknowledges that. Speaking of Wes Bently, where the heck did he disappear to after The Four Feathers ? Meh film, but good Heath Ledger as always. Bentley was all right, from what I remember. Kate Hudson was awful and a total miscast.

Obvious from a couple of Seth's answers that Party Monster is his favorite piece of work, role-wise. He was great in it, funny and bitchy, but his character was pretty annoying and grated after not too long.

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Thanks for the link, RavenU! I loves me some Seth! :-)
Interesting. I found his answers much more curt and pithy one night on Conan (or Letterman or something). Anyway, I had no idea he was the cha-ching guy. Cool.

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