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January 16 2007

Serenity mini-series was the 4th top selling graphic novel of 2006. So when Dark Horse's Scott Allie said "we've had to reprint four times in just a year", he really wasn't kidding. Astonishing X-Men featured highly in the Top 100 Comics of 2006 as well.

We want more of the 'verse in any form we can get it! Good for Dark Horse!
Whoa, I'm impressed.

It's always funny to see how many older books show up on a graphic novel list like this. Slow and steady wins the race.

(I've got 17 TP's out of the top 50, or 25 if I count things I have in other formats. :-P)

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39 if I count other formats too, I really don't know if that's a good thing :P. But anyhow kudos to Dark Horse, good product and affordable too. Makes all the difference.
Curses! Your comic-fu is stronger than mine! (If I count the entire top 100, I come out at 41.)

(I'm checking Whedonesque every five minutes. Can you tell I'm supposed to be working? Argh.)
19 and strangely I don't have any in other formats. Clearly not buying enough singles. I'm like an evil parasite on the comics world, a blight, a vampire, a ... person who doesn't read 'Walking Dead'.

Really must try 'Fables'.
Wow, it's really four or five series filling the whole chart, eh? Well, I'm buying all of them anyway (All 3 from BKV, plus Walking Dead, Fables) so I'm looking at a 35 ouf of 50.

Serenity isn't one of them. *ducks*

Holy sh*t, I just realised I haven't bought Serenity for myself!
Highly impressive!
I find it very interesting that Serenity was #4 in terms of Quantity Sold, and #26 in Retail. Does this mean what I think it means? They sold well because we went on the Internet and bought them through a small number of retailers (TFAW, Amazon, etc), and the actual Distribution of the Novel was quite small, right?

Sounds kind of familiar... we did our own advertising amongst ourselves again, and no one else knows there's a Novel.

-I'm just saying...
I think it just means it was cheaper than the average and so the retail total was lower.

('Family Guy' was 7th in quantity terms but 81st in retail probably because it was only $6.95)
Yeah, exactly--quantity rank is simply the number of copies sold to retailers, and retail rank is the number of copies sold multiplied by the retail price. A lower retail rank just indicates that Serenity was cheaper than most on the list.
Just re-read my precious three issues -- made a lousy day much, much better.
That's great news. I'll bet a lot of those sales were to first-time comics buyers as well. I wonder how the Buffy series will rank next year as there will likely be a lot of first-time buyers with it as well.
Just an FYI to all that this is just Diamond Comic distributor's list of best selling GNs for the year. This is nowhere near all of them. BookScan will have a better figure when it releases its top sellers for 2006. So it's nice that Serenity sold so well at comic book stores, but who knows how it stacks up to sales of GNs at stores like Barnes & Noble and Borders.

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