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January 16 2007

Christian Kane thanks the fans for voting for his band via video. Currently in the studio recording their new album, Chistian took time out to send a video thank you to the fans that voted in the New Country Star poll and made them Band of the Year 2006.

There is also a video posted of the guys preforming back last year during a showcase show.

They are also once again up for voting at the New Country site. So if you want to tvote for the guys go here.

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Good for them! Hip Hip Hoorah!
I voted. I didn't have any choice. Those boys were relentless with the MySpace Bulletins.
The MySpace bulletins got me to vote too.

Congratulations, Kane.
I didn't know about the vote, or else I surely would have given my two cents. Kane is a amazing band, and I'm not even that much of a country fan. I would encourage everyone to check out their music. Oh, and yay for the new CD!

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