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January 17 2007

Fox announces Spring line up. There's the end date for the current season for Wentworth Miller's "Prison Break", return date for Gina Torres' "Standoff" and official confirmation on start date for Tim Minear and Nathan Fillion's "Drive". David Boreanaz's "Bones", D. B. Woodside and David Fury's "24", Melinda Clarke's "The OC" and Seth Green's "Family Guy" are all also mentioned.

Three hours of Drive in two nights! Niiice
Bones is moving to Wednesdays? I have to say that FOX's schedule is inevitably confusing and makes no sense. That never helps keep viewers. When will shows return from hiatus? On what nights? For how long? The answers to these questions rarely make sense. We all know this kind of scheduling is what helped kill Wonderfalls and Firefly.

I hope Drive gets a good, long, uninterrupted run.
Wasn't Bones always on Wednesdays?
Yeah, Bones has been on Wednesday all season. I think it was in the second half of last season, too. :)

Monday is getting a little crowded, with Prison Break, Heroes, and 24. They all air on the same network in Canada so I think they've moved 24 to 10 to accommodate Heroes.
A new episode of Bones will air Wed, Jan 31st at 8pm ET. It has been on Wed. all season and half of last season. Actually it was scheduled to move to Friday nights at mid-season back at the start of this season, FOX changed that after all the series that they introduced bombed this year. Bones being one of the stronger shows on it's line-up, FOX choose to keep in the same time slot, or risk losing more viewers.
OK, now the CW got me. It was Veronica Mars that moved nights, not Bones. Now I feel stupid.

I don't know how I got along at all before getting a DVR. It figures these things out for me. My point remains, though -- moving nights, having a long hiatus, etc. all contribute to shows losing viewers and being axed.
Glad to see Bones is staying in its timeslot. Did not want that Friday move...
Now I'm kind of hoping Corner Gas makes an unusually early bow out the first week of April like it did last year... because I'm never home on Mondays and I can't tape two things at once...

I'll figure something out. It's Tim and Nathan. I have to. As antsy as I am about watching Fox period anymore. Everything I've watched on there short of the OC since that started? Hasn't lasted a full season.
DVR will be the death of television as we know it.
Scheduling-wise, the dumbest thing I've seen a network do of late was CBS thinking it could take 3LBS, a House wanna-be, and put it up against House. That was plainly idiotic. Had they put it on Monday or Sunday, it may have stood a chance.

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