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January 17 2007

Tony Head coming to Sydney - exclusive concert for fans! The Hub Productions is holding a convention in Sydney, Australia featuring Tony. He'll also be performing an exclusive concert!

Tony Head will be in Sydney for the Little Britain Live tour and has decided to spend some time with his fans!

Date: Saturday 3 February 2007

Time: 9am till 6.30pm.

Location: MGSM CBD Campus
Level 6, 51-57 Pitt Street, Sydney

Tickets: $65 Day ticket
$250 VIP ticket (includes day ticket, an autograph from Tony, a professional photograph with Tony, entry to the concert and a special brunch with Tony on Sunday 4 February 2007 - brunch venue to be announced).
$30 Exclusive concert with Tony to be held at the convention venue from 5pm to 6.30pm.
$30 per autograph.
$40 per professional photograph with Tony.

nb: I haven't posted a link before so please feel free to amend if need be! thanks!

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Oh envy envy. He was the first Whedonverse actor I met and still my favourite. I would love to hear him sing in person.
I know! I can't wait!
My wonderful boyfriend got me a VIP ticket for my birthday!
I think I'll have to get my copy of Tony's album signed too!
buffiness, your link was well done. Welcome!

Lioness, I didn't know you met Tony. About 16,000 questions which is good. I don't know where to start:)

buffiness, if you and catalysis2 could report on this event, it would be great.

Ahh, I think the "I" was left on.
Why oh why does nothing good ever come to Perth? Hmmm, is it worth a four hour flight...
I love it when we talk all italics - it makes everything seem so significant.

Does this fix it?

ETA: Why, yes, yes it does.

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2007-01-18 04:39 ]
Thank you, QuoterGal! BTW, where you been?
Oops! Sorry about the italics thing! I was wondering why everyone was writing in italics! lol

Reporting on the convention...well I'm no psychic but I'm pretty sure it would go something like "drool, drool, swoon, drool" :D
Thanks for asking, Madhatter, I've been sick and kinda sorta out of it. No biggy, just a cold-flu-ish kindof a thingy.

Thank the PTB for nyquil and sleep.

"When I was sick and lay a-bed,
I had two pillows at my head,
And all my toys beside me lay
To keep me happy all the day."

- Robert Louis Stevenson, "The Land of Counterpane"

ETA: buffiness, one time I think I posted in teeny, tiny writing and forgot to close the tag and then everybody was writing tiny, like little mice or fleas.

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On this site, why isn't Head credited for season 7 of Buffy? He was more present in the last season that in the 6th...
And boy, oh boy can he sing - at Tabula Rasa in Melbourne, he sang "sweet Transvestite", "Can you feel the heat?" and something else I've forgotten the title of. He was excellent - as powerful and as expressive a voice as I have heard anywhere. Sadly, just 2 weeks' notice, a six-hour flight from Perth and that whole money thing put this out of reach for me!
oh! :(
that's too bad that you can't make it
i'll be sure to take heaps of photos though and as much video footage as i can! i may even go buy myself another couple of memory cards for my camera just in case!
sumrandom - good to see someone else from Perth here!

buffiness - photos posted over at Flickr would be enormously appreciated! Great hometown-themed first link btw!

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