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January 17 2007

Backup Bash financial report. Since WHEDONesque was one of the places where people were asking how to donate to Backup Bash when Flan 2 was cancelled, figured you all might like to see what the B3 organizers reported on Wednesday, and where all the money came from.

For what it's worth, the single largest source of funds for Backup Bash appears to have been PayPal donations, at $6408.79 -- and I presume that would almost entirely be from people who were not at the event, but outside looking in.

On behalf of the organizers, I want to echo what Lynn says in the report ... I'm humbled beyond words at the generosity of browncoats and the Whedonverse as a whole. We truly couldn't have pulled B3 off without the selfless contributions of hundreds of people. I can't think of another place in the world of popular culture where you would see something even remotely like this. I am so proud of our fandom -- and our actors. And I am so very grateful to Joss for giving us the gift of Firefly, and by extension, this remarkable community.
I am just blown away. Nearly 10k in just a couple of days. I love the spirit of Browncoats!
Wow, that is amazing. Great stuff fandom!
I read the balance sheet, too. Incredible!
In my blog I compared the generocity of the Browncoats to how George Bailey was saved when he lost eight grand in "It's A Wonderful Life." As he had helped so many people enjoy a better life, the town returned the favor to cover the money he lost (of we know who really found the money, but that's another story). Since it was so close to Christmas, I thought the comparason made sense. Three Cheers for the Real Big Damn Heroes who made B3 the success it was.

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Never been prouder to be a Browncoat. Thank you to everyone who donated; it was an early Christmas for each and everyone of us in Burbank that weekend and something I for one will never forget. It has changed how I look at fandom and community. We are mighty.
Not only did they throw a great con with like 3 minutes notice, I also really appreciate the integrity and honesty shown by the California Browncoats, by showing exactly where the $ went to. You all so rock! :-)
I am sooo proud of our Fandom! I just wish the rest of the World knew about this sort of thing. Both in terms of Publicity for us, and as a Life Lesson for Them.
It was one of the finest moments in our fandom. Kudos to all involved.
I recently caught up with a friend I used to work with but whom I hadn't seen in a couple of months. She was used to hear me rave about the Whedonverse with another fan but had long since tuned us out.
She wanted to know what I'd been up to lately and I told her. Her mouth hung open by the end and she said "People don't do that" I said proudly " We do. It is one reason why I am so involved in the fandom". And I think she finally understood.
I never had any worry or doubts about where my money went, but I thank you for giving us the accounting. It was actually thrilling to see how many things were accomplished with what, in relative terms, was not that much money. Hail the Mighty Browncoats!
I love my fandom! And, being a fan of irony, I adore the fact that the day this is posted here, showing what good can be accomplished by the pure of heart, Booster officially closed up their broken-down, yet supposedly professional, shop.

Wasn't the Titanic built by professionals? And Noah's Ark by amateurs?

Kinda makes me think.
A big "you rock" to everybody who donated.
The thing that blew me away was seeing Browncoats who had already spent their money on Flan II, pulling more money out of their pockets and handing it to Lynn for B3. It was remarkable to find out while our heads were spinning in the hotel lobby, reports that donations were being made so we could have a convention. I have never been more proud to be a Browncoat. Now that's love! Thank you to everyone who had our backs, and again, thank you to the B3 crew for their energy, creativity, and love. Onto raising some money for Equality Now-something we do best...

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Lynn mentioned a story last night that really has no words to express the awesomeness. I don't want to take away any of the kudos for those who donated from around the world, I want to add a story about the amazing spirit and resilience of those attending B3.

Sometime during the weekend of B3, one of the attendees wanted to donate but didn't have access to a computer. They asked if they could use one of the Browncoat's laptops in the lobby. They then proceeded to log into Paypal and place a donation.

In the amount of $500.

Incredible. Inspiring.
I'm with TonyaJ - glad to see the financials, but never had the slightest doubt that my (relatively paltry) donation was spent wisely. Looking at the outlay, I'm just surprised you were able to spend so little - someone knows how to shop.

I still feel now what I felt then and what others, I'm sure, were feeling - upset that Browncoats had to cough up more money for an event in which Browncoats had already invested so much dough - money that went to BE that will never see the light of day... Dunno what the penalties are for criminal stupidity and fiscal denial, but I'm fairly sure that the BE folks are finding out now.

On the other hand, I note that lexigeek and mifeng must have been in Hollywood this past weekend and failed to get in touch with me, which rates, I believe, an old-fashioned Goners-ass-whupping...
On the other hand, I note that lexigeek and mifeng must have been in Hollywood this past weekend and failed to get in touch with me, which rates, I believe, an old-fashioned Goners-ass-whupping...

*whistles innocently*
You all did such a great job with this! I am in awe. And thankful that such nice people DO exist.
I'd like to point out that if there were 300 people at B3, $9,573.79 in total expenses works out to less than $32 per person, proving that the right people can run a great con for a whole lot less than BE was charging...
The ripples of generosity and camaraderie from B3 and Browncoats everywhere will spread throughout the 'Verse creating a karmic tidal wave that shifts the human perspective slightly so that when we say, "have a nice day", we truly mean it.
To all the Browncoats who donated time, money and good thoughts: You made our weekend the miracle it turned out to be and changed the impossible to possible. Mille grazie and xie xie!

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