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April 30 2003

(SPOILER) BtVS S7x20 'Touched' discussed at

Good to see the show breaking down the boundaries again.

Granted, I haven't seen the ep yet, but what they described didn't seem any more graphic than the W/T stuff, which I thought conveyed the actual sex scenes pretty well.

Honestly, I'd rather they be pushing the envelope by actually letting Willow be bisexual, as is true to character, instead of this season's forced relationship with Kennedy. Still fascinates me that as much ground as they've broken re: sexual orientation, this is also the only issue they've totally caved to one vocal group of fans on.
So... Faith gets off with Wood. Xander and Anya have more break up sex. Spuffy 'just hold' each other. Andrew... watches, I'm sure. Willow kens Kennedy.

And Giles? Giles is stuck in the jacks with a magazine, I'm sure.

Watchers' Digest!
Cleaning his glasses occasionally as well---hmmmmph!
Faith and Wood? ...okay. Xander and Anya...again? Okay. But Kennedy and Willow...Kennedy really bothers me and I just don't see the spark between those two as I did with Tara and Willow, and I suppose I shouldn't compare, but it's hard. So yeah, this'll be an interesting episode to watch.
Laney - why would you say Willow is Bi? Because of Oz? It is possible for a woman to love a man (even to marry him and have children) and then realize that she's gay. Willow identifies herself as a lesbian - so she is.
Genghis -- Don't want to start anything here, since this has been done to death, but since you asked -- I'm looking at Willow's history, not her self-identification. ME took great pains to point out that VampWillow was actively bi, and that Willow's vamp self would, indeed, be representative of her live self. Plus, several references have been made to her still finding men attractive (Dracula, for example) after she fell for Tara. And, from what I saw, she never told Oz she didn't like men anymore, she simply chose Tara because of Tara. (And rightfully so -- Tara, unlike Oz, gave Willow the kind of love she deserved.)

I do think a women can realize she's gay after having sexual relationships with men. It's also possible to be bisexual, which is what I see in Willow despite her self-identification. From what I've seen, Willow loves who she loves, gender be damned. And I don't put much stock in self-identification of characters on BtVS, since they often seem to be fooling themselves.

Plus, I loathe Kennedy and love Xander. Which probably influences my opinion.
Dracula hardly counts, he had everyone under his thrall. I really don't think Willow's bi. It just doesn't make sense. Plus which, a person can find someone "attractive" without wanting to sleep with them. Xander has found many men attractive but so far has not slept with any, only joked about it (except of course in the slashverse, yay).

Andrew deserves to get laid. With anyone. He seems really gay, but hey, Mutant Enemy hasn't provided any pairing for him in 'Touched', it seems, so maybe he'll be with Dawn? I know people might think this is kind of icky, but hey, they're both virgins and probably both think they are going to die, so what the hell. Poor guy. At least in the slashverse he gets to sleep with Xander or Spike. Or maybe he'll just be a voyeur with his camera and all. Sad. but Joss has said there just wasn't time to tie up all the loose ends and resolve all subplots, so Andrew's probably out of luck altogether.

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