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January 18 2007

Brisco Firefly Jr.? The opening credits to Brisco County Jr. with an awfully familiar theme tune. It works surprisingly well.

And here's the same thing the other way around.

Ha, I was wondering when somebody was going to post this. I wasn't going to because if you look on the right and scroll down the "related videos" you'll find one of mine. :)
I did not watch Brisco County Jr. I am sorry I didn't. I love Bruce Campbell. I loved him when he was on Xena.

And Firefly is my life. I love this show more than any other.

But I didn't get the song switching. Just didn't do anything for me. But at the same time I could see how maybe a different opening theme song could have lured people in to Firefly. I will always love the original though.
I'm still waiting for someone to remix Firefly credits with the theme from Deadwood! Although this is pretty spiffy. Kind of amazing, in retrospect, that Bruce never guest starred on Buffy or Angel -- would have been a perfect fit.

But then, the man looks good in damn near anything :)
Madmolly, the Brisco dvds are completely worth the $$. And I've always said that Bruce guest starring on Firefly would have been a dream come true.

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I think the Brisco theme fits the Firefly opening better than the other way around, personally. But still, amusing.
Thanks for this! I actually watched Brisco and even once (for a radio/tv promo) was an "extra" on the show! Loved it. Bruce Campbell is excellent..and a very nice man. (Also loved Comet)
I also watched Brisco. Was quite a fun show. Had a mix of old west and anachronism that was like Firefly, but totally different. And Bruce was great in it.

He is a native son to my home state, so I've always been a huge fan.
I love Bruce Campbell and esp. him on Brisco. Anyone who hasn't seen it is really missing out. Firefly and Brisco are 2 shows that were cancelled way before their time. As a matter of fact, when Brisco was on the air, I would actually get up on my only day off, Saturday, at 7:00 am just to watch it. Back then, for some reason it seemed to complicated to set the VCR, anyway, it was worth it. Also, as stated above, the $ for the DVD is very much worth the price. Bruce is a native of and currently lives in Oregon, which is my native and home state, as well. Makes me feel related to him somehow.........
hey luvspike, gotta disagree with where he's from. He lives in Oregon, but was born and raised in Michigan. The Detroit suburb of Royal Oak/Birmingham to be exact. That's how he hooked up with Sam Raimi and co, because they are all Michiganders...

We can certainly agree that both of us feel a bit of ownership of him and that he's an awesome actor.
I remember Brisco County Jr. While Fox did let that show run for a full year, and had interesting guests stars like Terry Bradshaw (just to plug the fact they just got an NFL contract), it was fun while it lasted. Also, NBC often "borrowed" the Brisco County theme as bumper music for Olympic coverage in 2002, I believe.
Learn something new everyday, and that's my quota for today. Thanks for the info!
Yes, Bruce Campbell was raised within yards - I say yards! - of where I'm sitting right now. Well, lots of yards, but still... yards!

I thought Firefly theme over BCJr worked better than vice versa; to me, the BCJr theme was too standard Hollywood western. Coincidentally, I almost bought BCJr Monday in Barnes & Noble's 2-for-1 TV DVD sale, but they had just sold the last copy. I was going to two-fer it with Horatio H, the only way I could afford either of these. *sigh* All that hotness. Hmmm, the clerk promised they'd get more in on Tuesday; I wonder if I can fit in a trip to B&N before work today.
Loved this show, have the DVDs, will be re-watching them soonish.
I've never seen Brisco County Jr., but I've been meaning it get into it. For obvious reasons.
I really enjoyed Brisco Co. Jr. It was a very special show and deserves a place in the hearts of TV aficionados.

That being said, the writing of the major story arc was weak - they kept reinventing the Sci Fi element (trying to be deliberately vague here) as they went along. It was good, but something more consistent would have been truly satisfying.

I'd advise skipping the self-indulgent writers sessions on the DVD - the more I heard these guys talk, the less I thought of them.
I'm a huge fan of BCJ. Would definitely recommend the DVDs.
Well I haven't seen Brisco County Jr. yet but it looks fun. I did watch both "mashups" of the openings on youtube and for me the Brisco one with the firefly song worked better. I was amazed at how well they fit together.
My sister gave me the Briso DVD set for ChristmaHanuKwanza.
I loved that show! I still love it.
And Bruce Campbell? Hottie.
Brisco was a fun, fun, show. A truly legendary cast, and the story was perfect--there was an ongoing goal but it allowed for flexibility in location, situation, characters, and tone. Now that I think about it, Brisco was a Western with some very real, deep touches of science fiction, that took place after a war (well, the Civil War, in this case). Sound like any other series you know ;>?? Anyway, there was a resourceful partner, a loyal horse, a mad scientist, a shoot-'em-up whiz kid, a whole posse of bad guys, blood vengeance, a romance piping hot with passion but plagued by bad timing, pirates, a trip across the border down Mexico way, and did I mention the anachronistic Elvis impersonator? Pure coolness! Rent and enjoy!!
"Now that I think about it, Brisco was a Western with some very real, deep touches of science fiction, that took place after a war (well, the Civil War, in this case). Sound like any other series you know ;>??"

Wild Wild West? (Not the movie, the original TV show...which was a big hit.) I never saw this show, but that was all I could think of while I watched the credits.

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