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January 20 2007

Nathan Fillion video interview on Mentions the future of Firefly, the first day of shooting on Drive, working with Amy Acker, and Flanvention/B3 (sort of).

A lovely little interview. Their website is lookin' about 12 times better now, also.

General summary for those lackin' sound or at work: Brief mention of Flan that wasn't, no more Firefly, Drive started shootin' yesterday, he's a huge fan of Amy Acker, sci-fi is his genre, he's friends with Ryan.
Tee hee, I heard a shout out to Whedonesque in there.
he's friends with Ryan.

Ah "Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place". Lovely sitcom. Always wondered if Nathan and Tony Head met when Tony guested on that show. It's one of my top 5 Whedonverse trivia items that I keep meaning to get an answer to.
Gossi - thanks for the summary, I was disappointed when I followed the link and the interview was in a form I couldn't access.

I love Nathan, who doesn't once they see him in any interview. I can't wait to see Drive.
Darn. I think we broke it. I can't get on with either Firefox or Opera.
Poo. Still broken. Although it makes me proud when Whedonites break the Net from time to time.
Double Poo. I wanna see it damn it!
So...can some computer genius post the video on You Tube? I have no idea how. More people might be able to see it there.
Working fine for me in my browser but here's the direct links (right click to save as):

Windows Media Player

I'm on my powerbook (using Firefox) and the Quicktime movie played just fine for me.

But since you asked, I uploaded it to YouTube. It may not be available for a few more minutes. But here is the link when it is.

I'm not going to get in trouble for uploading this, am I?
Thanks for offering the Quicktime direct link, Simon. My system's combination of Firefox, Win2000 Pro and an aging processor often don't go well with Windows Media Player - though I rarely shed a tear over that.

It's always nice to see Nathan so friendly and personable in his red carpet chats. Plus, he always gives good quotage: (re, Drive being "...a whole new kind of pretty").

To answer your question kerfuffle - maybe. Did you happen to notice the bit at the end of the QT .mov that explicity states no Youtube without express written consent of


Um. I missed that part.
I guess I should take it down.

But for Pete's sake. It's just a red carpet interview. You would think that they would want their content aggregated to as large an audience as possible.

[ edited by kerfuffle on 2007-01-20 21:38 ] more Firefly?? I don't like to hear that...(yes, I got the 'nothing now' indication..) but poor, poor little hopes.
What, no new teaser about his super-secret mind-blowing thing in London? Hrmph.
Yes, Simon, Quicktime link good. Us Mac people are often left out of the loop on these things (and NF is very loopable, as it's not easy to catch everything he says on a single viewing). Funny man, always generous with his time no matter how many times he's asked similar questions.

I'm really looking forward to seeing him on my TV every week (do you hear me, FOX? *shakes fist*), and I hope Drive propels him to the level of success and visibility he deserves. Maybe more folks will seek out FF/Serenity because of this role? If so, an audience sufficient to pique FOX's interest could eventually build so a FF offshoot might happen - maybe one that could go straight to DVD. C'mon, someone's got to do it someday soon; I have hope it'll be Joss or one of his compadres who gets in on that action.
Nice interview - I got a little thrill when the interviewer mentioned the WHEDONesque people would want to know (about something asked).

So who's Nathan's date?

[ edited by Tonya J on 2007-01-20 23:15 ]
Wahoo, it's back! B!x, you have to listen between the lines for his update on London.
I got a little thrill when it said the interviewer mentioned the WHEDONesque people would want to know

Yeah, I felt a little moment of self-fulfilling prophecy when I posted the link :D
Drive cast image here.

Edit: swapped the image around.

[ edited by gossi on 2007-01-21 01:20 ]
Gossi, the large image won't open. :(
That's as big as it gets anyway, but I'm working on getting it to open in its own page. That just about made sense.
But for Pete's sake. It's just a red carpet interview. You would think that they would want their content aggregated to as large an audience as possible.

Well, considering that this is a site that thrives on how many people drop by on their site to see their content...

They're a business like any other, and if their content is freely available on other sites, that's not really helping them.
Yep, Quick Time worked beautifully on my Powerbook. Sweet. I love me some Nathan, and thanks for the picture, gossi!
The have some nice images of Nathan and his date in their gallery as well.

I wonder if this is the first time that Nathan and his double (Jason Bateman) have been at the same event. I wonder if Jason ever gets mistaken for Nathan.
my_serenity, I had the same thought about Jason and Nathan in the same place at the same time. At last, proof they are not the same person! ;-)

Also, it doesn't look like her in the pictures, but Elizabeth Banks was there, too (silver dress, curled up hair). Slither, represent! :-)

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