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January 20 2007

Spend a 'Summer Knight' listening to James Marsters. The new audiobook from Jim Butcher's Dresden series as read by James Marsters is now up for pre-order. If you cannot wait to hear it, they have put up 3 chapters you can download.

They put up Chapters 1 & 2 and then instead of putting up Chapter 3, they skipped ahead to Chapter 13 because that is where you get to hear James voice about 5-6 little fairies. He uses different voices for each and it is one of the most entertaining and hilarious things I've heard in a long time! He could have a career reading children's stories. He has done an outstanding job here. Just a friendly word of not be eating or drinking when listening to this section.
He is absolutely great here. I listened to the first two chapters and thought he was good like always but thirteen is just fantastic. I did a double take when he started using all those voices. They're priceless.
I just preordered mine! I have the first three, and I can't wait to get my hands on the fourth. James does a terrific job, and the books themselves kick ass. I love "Summer Knight," and I can't wait to hear James reading it. I've added Chapter 13 to my "What to listen to when the world hates me and I need cheering up" playlist.

Also, note that the TV show based on the Dresden Files books premieres Sunday night on the SciFi channel at 9/8c. Check it out!
* wipes coffee off monitor*

* resolves to listen to Berry's advice in future :)*
I just listened to that. ha! That is just too cute.
JM did a wonderful job. Very entertaining.
Okay, 13 is adorable.
When they come to attention and it causes them to fall doen, well I'm not at all sure about the areodynamics of dewdrop faires but it is priceless. Can't say which is better, Jim's writing or James's acting but I'm glad I don't have to make the choice because they blend so well :)

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