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January 21 2007

(SPOILER) The report!?! Oops! The Video Game Museum presents the (pretty funny) ending to the Buffy videogame "Wrath of the Darkhul King" for the GBA. Nice read for those who don't have the game or were unable to finish it.

I think it captures the essence of the show (teenage girl has to fight demons but also finish her homework) quite nicely.

That's fun :) Thanks for a Sunday morning grin - I hadn't played 'Darkhul King', only the other ones (oops, just realizing I never completely finished the one for the 'Cube[Chaos Bleeds]).
I thought that was really funny (i.e., funnier than it actually was)! Nice find, Storyteller.
That was...actually pretty sad.

I mean, yeah, it was hilarious. Just not in a good way.

The only Buffy video game I've ever played is Chaos Bleeds, unfortunately.
I beat the game. It wasn't TOO bad considering it was a media tie-in and $20 at Toys R Us.

My favorite part is Riley standing in the middle of a demon's lair, throwing these nicely wrapped presents at Buffy. ;)
I've only played Chaos Bleeds. I managed to beat it and found that overall it was an average game. It certainly could have been a lot worse for a TV-show tie-in game, and the use of most of the cast's voices and the bonus features were excellent. There was still something missing without the voices of SMG and Alyson Hannigan, though.

And I have to confess whenever I went to replay the game and collect all of the "secrets", when I only had one more to get in The Initiative level, the game kept freezing when I was near the end of the level. It was almost like it was deliberately stopping me from beating the game with all the secrets, so I was kind of annoyed and resovled never to play it again.
That was funny... in a pathetic, sad, disturbing way.

The first Buffy game was the best by far.

Sid the Dummy was just too much for me to handle.
Oh. My.

If only we could consider this "in-continuity"...
I wonder who wrote the dialogue.
I'd love to play that first Buffy game for the Xbox, but it was never released on any other system and so far I'm not keen on buying any of Microsoft's Xbox systems (besides, I chose Nintendo for the first time since the Super Nintendo and got a Wii. So long, Sony).

Buffy: Chaos Bleeds is available for the PS2 at a store I work at for only $9.98 Canadian, but I've heard enough bad things about it and read enough reviews saying it was exceedingly mediocre, that I think that $10 would be better spent on food or going toward some TV-show-on-DVD or something.

Haven't there been a couple Buffy games for the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance already ?

I'd buy one for the Wii if it was well made. Imagine staking vamps with the Wii and, taking the bow-&-arrows technique from Zelda even further, having to pull back on the nunchuk controller to make Buffy (or other characters) pull back on the bowstring.
The first Buffy game was excellent... Chaos Bleeds, meh...
I think for those who never got to play the excellent xbox game, they found Chaos Bleeds to be quite enjoyable. But, for those of us who experienced the first game, Chaos paled in comparison. It had a pretty good story but it wasn't as fun gameplay wise as the first game. I'd still recommend it though if you have a system to play it on. And Willow's voice was horrendous!! "A secret, I found a seeeecret!" Still makes me cringe!
The first Buffy (Xbox) game is now backwards compatible with the Xbox 360.

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