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January 21 2007

Marti Noxon now on Grey's Anatomy. If you watched the credits from last week's episode, you'd have seen that she's now a consulting producer for the show.

Ta to Pamela for the head's up. Took a wee while for anything to come up online about it.

Does anyone other than Krista Vernoff, of Wonderfalls glory, write episodes? Because I'd love to brag to my Anatomy-Obsessed friends that a Buffy writer wrote (presumably) an awesome episode of Grey's.
Dunno if Marti wrote anything, still trying to find out what a consulting producer does. I assume it's not the same as being a consulting detective.
I think a consulting producer is generally someone they go to if they're stuck with the direction the stories going in, or what to do with a character, and just general plot stuff like that. I could be totally wrong though.
This is super sweet. Go Marti!! Not suprising though since Grey's creator, Shonda Rhimes, is a *huge* Buffy fan. Nice little top 5 shows from her (yes, you have to copy/paste because I'm too stupid to learn links)....


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When Tim joined “Standoff” as a consulting producer, it was said here that he would “help with day-to-day operations” while the show would continue to be run by the existing show runner.

Not that Marti's needed to fix up a big hit like Grey’s, though. I’m sure Disney is just trying to get the most of her for their money .
Considering what a big Buffy-fan Shonda Rymes(sp??) is, I'm not that surprised at all, that they hired an ex-Whedon employee. But it does seem a show that will suit well for Marti, congrats for her.
Yeah, I saw that consulting producer credit last week. As Harmalicious said, since Shonda Rhimes is such a Buffy fan, I wasn't all that shocked to see Marti's name. It's a cool connection.
But it does seem a show that will suit well for Marti

Hmmm, really? I'm not sure any of Marti's strengths would be served on that show as is... although maybe she'll bring something to it.
I watched the premiere ep of Grey's and have watched bits and pieces here and there and while it's well-acted, I haven't seen any evidence so far for why it was worthy of winning the Best Drama Golden Globe this year. Especially over the likes of Lost (doing very well in its third season, IMO), 24 (though I suppose I shouldn't judge that show's loss until I complete Season 5--just started with the first four eps on DVD and so far it's amazing, if merciless to longtime viewers and fans of the original cast members), and especially creative/acting/writing juggernaughts like Heroes and Big Love (please watch Big Love on HBO or rent/buy the Season 1 DVDs folks. It's good shit).

Watched the Globes with my sister and we were both agape at that seemingly not deserved win.
Go Marti! I like Grey's Anatomy ok, but it has to be a lot better with Marti Noxon on board.

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Cue lots of clumsy sex-is-bad metaphors in Grey's future. I suppose I'm glad now that I never got into this show.

Still, congrats to Marti... I guess.
I was so happy to see Marti on the screen last week! Especially after she decidedly left Brothers and Sisters (was asked to leave?). Grey's is my fave soap right now, obviously not the best drama, but takes the cake on laugh-one-second-and-cry-the-next soaps. And yes, CaptainB, Krista does write episodes of Grey's quite often! She is also a wonderful writer, of Wonderfalls fame.
Haunt - I think clumsy sex-is-bad metaphors is a misread (or at best an oversimplification) of what Marti was doing/trying to do, but to each their own.

Nicanor - chose to leave over creative differences with the creator, Jon Robin Baitz.
Wahooo! More Buffy love on Grey's!!!!!
I was wondering if there was just an unruly amount of unresolved sexual tension going on lately. ;)
I didn't realize that Krista Vernoff wrote for Wonderfalls and is now a major write on Grey's. But her wonderful sense of humor shines through. I suspect Marti had something to do with one of the new romances that occurred on last week's episode. It was one of those - "those two together?" kind of hook-ups. Things should get interesting.

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