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January 21 2007

Three cancelled shows that could be worth watching on DVD. Article talks about "the very best of the very cancelled" availible on DVD. Including Wonderfalls, Greg the Bunny, and also mentions the DVD success of Firefly and Family Guy. It's good to see some people still keeping Wonderfalls alive.

I am surprised this article if from "The Santa Clara". I worked there as a sports reporter a loooooog time ago, specifically 1979 to 1981. I even covered college football. Now they have a website. How times have changed.

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Did Serenity not recap its production values, or is this journalist merely guessing at domestic figures?

("Smallville" must have its good points, too, no? Despite the snarktastic swipe taken in the last segment, I've seen it as a fairly worthy companion to Buffy, in terms of youth-in-possession-of-fantastic-powers, with a fair dose of character development. Granted the storyline kind of wavers even more than "Alias" with its flip-flop good guys/bad guys...)
Serenity didn't come anywhere close to covering costs from the global box office.
I was under the impression that NA box office take for Serenity was a bit under the the $40m mark (about $28m, I believe) but the difference was make up through global box office take and DVD sales.

Now...if my numbers are even halfway correct, I can sort of see why someone might lay on the harsh, since it would seem the film didn't even make back 3/4 of it's budget in the largest audience region. But we all know truth, eh fellow Whedon worshipers?

BoxOffice Mojo's numbers on Serenity. DVD numbers are even harder to get than accurate box-office totals, though I have to think that DVD sales have made up even the dread marketing deficit.
$39M total worldwide BO of which Universal gets about $20M comes nowhere close to covering the $40M production cost and approximately $10M marketing. It is 40%.

I'm sure that it has probably just now gone into the black with DVD, TV rights, and merchandising. Maybe. Let's not have a revisionist history about this movie. It was excellent, but not a money maker by any stretch of the imagination.
Let's not have a revisionist history about this movie.

Well we could revise the whole "the fans led to the making of Serenity" myth that was around the release of the movie.
I think that ship sailed, Simon and there ain't no way we're getting that one back.
Such a downer, Tamara...! Have faith--it's all we have left.
Steve, what we have is Runaways, Goners, Wonder Woman and whatever else Joss has up his sleeve. Firefly is done. I love it and I mourn it but I refuse to be unrealistic.
And we have Tim Minear's Drive, starring Nathan Fillion and recurringly guest starring Amy Acker! :-)
And since I am a bigger fan of Tim, it is all good. :)
Eh, realism tends to be overrated in the realm of entertainment. What's harder to accept is another heartbreak, I'll bet. Still, the one part of that with which I agree is "whatever else Joss has up his sleeve", and I'll bet that's a Christmas morning waiting to happen.

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