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January 21 2007

Nathan Fillion attends premiere of "Waitress" at Sundance Film Festival. After appearing at the premiere of "Smokin' Aces" on Thursday (the day filming on "Drive" began) and at the Winter TCA tour yesterday to talk to the press about "Drive," Nathan Fillion's great week continues today (Sunday 1/21) in Park City, UT, where the late Adrienne Shelly's film "Waitress" (co-starring Nathan) makes its premiere. And the movie has been picked by Fox Searchlight.

More photos of the cast and producers of "Waitress" are here.

Aw, that's a great photo of NF. I hope he blogs about the experience of seeing the film there as I left a comment asking if he was psyched about the festival. It will be interesting to hear how the screening went and what the reaction was to the film. I'm keeping my fingers crossed a distributor will be found and we'll all get to see it.
Great pics of Nathan! It's great that he's getting to enjoy the Sundance experience. It's such a shame the director could not experience her dream. I hope to hear great reviews.
I was at the premiere and everyone seemed to love it. There were times that you couldn't hear the dialogue over everyone cheering and laughing over something that was said. As we filed out of the movie, everyone was talking about how great is was and how much they enjoyed it. I really, really hope it gets picked up. Nathan and Keri Russell were wonderful in it and I'd definitely go see it again.
I am glad he did this instead of the charity thing in Banff (not sure on spelling). Not that that event was not important. After everything that has happened with the film, I am sure it was important to him and everyone else involved that the film be well received and that they all be there to support it. I hope we all get to see it too.
NF's having a whirlwind week for sure. I've been seeing more coverage about Waitress lately -- largely, I suspect, because of AS's death -- but I'm hoping the film will get a wide release based on its own, non-sensational, merits.

Here's a blog entry at Rhinoplastique where Marc Bernardin, who's an editor at EW, talks about running into NF at Sundance; in it, he also admits he's a huge FF fan. (Don't miss the nice little pic of NF in a suit, with a lady friend, at the bottom.) Maybe this is one reason why the Whedonverse continues to be favorably and consistently mentioned in the magazine? If so, thanks, Mr. Bernardin! :)
That lovely blog was a great find, Wiseblood, but that was no lady friend...that's Elizabeth Banks, and the picture is from the premiere of "Slither" last year. Makes sense for the story, since it's about Elizabeth making the introductions.
I love my Captain. And he looks so suave in that suit. I have a crush on him too.
According to Variety's Festival blog, Waitress has been bought by Fox Searchlight for 5 million. That would make it the highest sale of the festival so far. Great news for our Captain and all the others involved.
Awww...he's so handsome in his red scarf. It's a good color for him.

Sounds like Waitress is getting some good reviews (especially here - browncoatamanda, you lucky gal )

It got picked up??? WOOOHOOO! I need more exclamation marks.
I'm an old Felicity fan so it will be a *double* treat to see it.
I'll be stalking the Crest and/or Tower when the movie comes to Sacramento. Nathan just may get the showcase he should get on the big screen
Yay for getting picked up. I am still saddened by her death. It was so senseless and she was SO talented.
Here's a nice Waitress review:
Ooh, it stars Keri Russel! (a.k.a. Felicity of TV's Felicity) I love her, would like too see this film!
Thanks for giving us your review, browncoatamanda, and how hard do you rock for getting to go to the premiere yourself! :-)

I'm really glad to read that the movie is getting good reviews, and got sold (to a Fox company -- irony much?). Does anyone know when it might be coming to theatres, or is it waaaaay too early to be announced?

ETA: Oh, another little (really little) update about Waitress being sold here. Basically, it just adds that the movie got extra interest after people saw it on Sunday. Yay Nathan! :-)

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Fantastic, I am once again doing the Snoopy Dance of Joy in my heart, anyway, that Waitress has been picked up by Fox Searchlight. Good work deserves, no, demands to be seen!
billz said:
Thanks for giving us your review, browncoatamanda, and how hard do you rock for getting to go to the premiere yourself! :-)

Yah, I really think I was fortunate in that regard. I'm a local so I got to buy tickets earlier than other people (one good thing for living in Utah, I guess) and I kept having that niggling hope that Nathan would be there. I didn't get to talk to him or anything but I'm so glad I was able to see the movie (and him up pretty-close) and am thrilled to hear that it's been picked up. :D I think I'll go see it again opening night- it was that good. I've always thought that Nathan would have a quirky, silly sense of humor and it really shines through in this movie.

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