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January 22 2007

(SPOILER) Vampire Puppets. Teaser for the new comic, Spike: Shadow Puppets, by Brian Lynch and Franco Urro. Looks like it's slated for a May 2007 release.

Puppets, Spike, Lorne, ninjas, and some of the characters from Spike: Asylum, set in Japan. Looks fun.

Not sure there are any spoilers - but checked just in case for the totally spoiler adverse.

Bravo, Lynch :) Is the title a deliberate nod to the Marsters flick of the same name or just a reference to the Smile Time Puppets O' Doom(tm)?
This is wonderful news. I've been enjoying Spike:Asylum so much and it's good to hear that I won't have to wait long for a new adventure for Spike from Brian and Franco.
YAHOO!! I was always bummed that they didn't have more of Spike in the Smile Time episode. He was in the first couple of minutes and then he was gone. Oh well, now he gets his chance.
Thanks and I'll be looking forward to it!! By the way, speaking of looking forward to it, when is the last issue of Asylm coming out? When is the Shadow Puppet movie being released? When?!?!?
Last issue of Spike:Asylum comes out the first week of February,I believe.The Shadow Puppets movie has no release date yet.I think they are still looking for distribution.
This sounds like a great idea for a Spike mini. I've really enjoyed Spike Asylum so far and hopefully with the same creative team this will be just as good if not better.
Yay! Does this mean the appearance of 'Puppet Spike'?!

And more of Lynch's wonderful writing! Colour me pleased!
To answer your questions:

1. The "Shadow Puppets" of the title are in fact some SMILE TIME troublemakers. But yessir, I am aware of that James has a movie of the same name. Came up with the title before I knew that, but I think it's a nice little coincidence.

2. SPIKE:ASYLUM # 5 comes out January 7th.

3.As for Puppet Spike...maybe. And maybe that's just the tip of the iceberg. Insert evil laughter here...
Puppet Lorne? Puppet Fred? :0

OMG, puppet Wesley?!!
Nothing to do with the shadow puppets from Buffy season seven then?
*evil grin*

Does Puppet Wesley come with a knife wound?
Nothing to do with Buffy's shadow puppets, no.

I'll also be posting David Messina's variant cover to issue 1 soon enough at the IDW site, too. This series is gonna be a blast if issue 1's script is any indication (and since issue 1 makes up 25% of the whole series, it's a pretty fair indicator).
Yay, bring it on!! :)
Brian, re: Asylum, are you sure you don't mean Feb 7? I can't believe I woulda missed it.
Oops, thanks! I meant Feb 7th.
Brian....Chris...I swear I LURVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!
All the Spike comics have been extremely enjoyable and I will be forever grateful to you for keeping our hero alive for us. Thank you so much. This made my I have more Spike comics to look forward to !!!!!!!!
Yay! Another Spike series from Lynch & Urru! You guys have done such a great job with Spike:Asylum that I'm thrilled that we're getting another.
Brian Lynch, he of the amazing sideburns, has posted on his blog some hints of what we may expect from this 4 issue series. Check it out.

Yipee. Could you ask for anything more? Only if Betta George is included. (I refuse to believe that what I'm lead to believe happened in #4 of Spike:Asylum actually happened.)

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