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January 22 2007

The first Astonishing X-Men figure is out, and it's Emma. Hasbro has released the first figure based on Joss Whedon and John Cassaday’s Astonishing X-Men designs, with (reportedly) more to come. Here's a review, and it's not wildly impressed while still remaining cautiously optimistic, a neat trick that.

Wow. I don't think I've ever read a review like that for an action figure before. Kinda nice to see that I'm not the only one who pouts when the paint is all smudged in certain areas, or when the hair gets in the way of moving the head. *pats Sephiroth figure*
But it looks nothing like the AXM version. More like the White Drag Queen than anything else. It's a horrible figure.
Quite surprising. What were they thinking?
wasnt the Kitty Pryde figure that was released a few months ago based on AXM?
OMG that's appalling! Don't they notice how ugly she looks?
Uhh... why is she wearing diapers?
My guess is that the Kitty Pryde figure was from the previous company that used to handle these figures, ToyBiz?

That is a pretty bad figure (but 25 points of articulation is pretty good though, right? Or things have really changed from when I was younger.), but I suppose this character in particular would be somewhat difficult since most of the renditions of her tend to be wildly different. While the Quitely version from New X-Men was surprisingly even more revealing, she's nearly a wholly different looking character from Cassaday's more arch frigid type. Then there's the out right cheesecake of most other artists...

I swear pretty recently there was another Emma Frost figure based on this costume design though, and that looked a lot better. I assumed they would have inherited the previous sculpt and used it, just scaled down where appropriate.
One word:

It's like the end of the world, except worse, because after the end of the world that thing wouldn't be here anymore.
Its a pretty ugly figure, but so was the Kitty Pryde. I bought both of them anyways because Wave 3 of the Hasbro line will have Danger, Ord, and Cyclops.
I'm seriously considering doing a head replacement on this thing though.
The other Emma figure is the Marvel Select line and its too cartoony looking next to the other figures.

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It's the fourth figure based on Astonishing X-Men. Toy Biz previously released a Wolverine, Kitty Pryde and Colossus (in the X-Men companion line's third series).

Hasbro took over the license from Toy Biz effective January 1st of this year, so the Emma Frost hitting stores now must have been started well in advance by Toy Biz (since several employees are now working with/for Hasbro on the same line). This Emma Frost is part of their first release. Their third release (due out later this summer) supposedly contains the fifth and sixth Astonishing X-Men figures, Cyclops and Danger. There was also an Ord figure mentioned by Hasbro during their presentation for last July's San Diego Comic Con, but that has yet to surface.

Probably more info than anyone cared to know...
Oh, and the previous Emma figure was made by Diamond Select Toys in their Marvel Select line. Not as much articulation and slightly larger than this new Marvel Legends figure, but definitely more visually appealing. I should mention that of course I think the Marvel Select Emma looks better, as I work for the aforementioned Diamond Select Toys.

Pictures located at the link below if you'd like to compare.
That looks more like Lord Fanny than Emma Frost. I'm not saying she looks like a transvestite, I'm just implying it.
Looking at the eyebrows, it doesn't appear the rug would match the drapes.

/just sayin'
Thought it seemed familiar. That thing's a dead ringer for Mike Tramp of White Lion circa 1987.

I'm sad that I remember.

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