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January 22 2007

Buffy Season 8: "Forgotten Memories" - 40-minute post Chosen episode. First announced more than half year ago, it's really here! While you wait for Joss Whedon's Buffy Season 8, why not try Emma Paige Langley's version of a continuation of Buffy post-"Chosen" first. It may not be canon but it's fun (77MB download).

Btw the story does not take into account Angel Season 5.

The film is described at Wikipedia:

Emma Paige Langley has revealed that "it is like a 'what if' episode. What if Spike had gone to see Buffy after Chosen, like he had wanted to? What would have been the repercussions? How would it have ended?.. Could Buffy and Spike ever see each other again? Did Xander cope with losing Anya, and did he find someone new? Did Faith stay with the gang permanently? Did Giles go back to England?? And what about all the new slayers??"

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Wow, I'm watching this now and for a fan film the production values are a-frackin-mazing. I also have to say some of the actors do really good impersonations of their characters (especially Willow), but why is Giles so young!
OK, I've finished and am generally pretty impressed with the bulk of it. Some interesting ideas.

FAITH: Those charges were dropped.

BUFFY: No Faith they weren't dropped, they were made to go away.

It makes sense that Angel would use his influence at W&H to help Faith.

SPIKE'S LETTER: I'm sorry to leave you like this. Last night made me realise that we could never be anything more than this. I love you. William

What was Spike on about though? Why did he leave like that?
Good job! I don't see Spike doing that, but I guess they figured that it's pretty usual for Buffy to get left, especially after she shows her heart. :(
Yeah, Spike dumping Buffy with a note right after spending the night together, although out of character, strangely satisfying!;)
I thought the Spike, Xander, Faith and Despica? characters were very good.
But if these were all Australians, I have to say they did a darn fine job on American accents.

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For a fanvid, that was quite good! Agreeing with Dalton that the production values really stand out (excellent dusting). I'd watch more if they made more.
I have not seen it yet(being at work and all) but can I just nit-pick for a moment and say that to the best of my knowledge, other than one time when he was crazy, after Spike took the name Spike he never was shown referring to himself as William or William the Bloody? I always thought that was done on purpose and was significant. (/nit-pick)
Wow, I'm watching this now and for a fan film the production values are a-frackin-mazing.

They have a professional director of photography, Jeff Malouf ACS. Among other things, he was second unit DoP for Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars. I wonder how he got involved with "Forgotten Memories" -- perhaps one of his children is friends with Emma Paige Langley. Or perhaps he's a Buffy fan. :)
newcj, I think the writer had Spike referring to himself as William because after the last time they had sex and Buffy ended things with him, she said "I'm sorry...William" and you could tell that being called that name really resonated in him.

All and all, I LOVED this to death: the dialoge (while not always delivered perfect) was fantastic and the actors did a pretty impressive job. Willow and Xander were great, as was Buffy's delivery of both "Angel" and "I love you." Very rewatchable!
It was okay. Characters like Dawn, Kennedy, and Faith were severally out of character. Dawn looked 30! And the girl who played Faith would havemade a better Glory or even Gwen. What happened to the scythe?

The girl who played Crystal would have made a better Buffy. Emma Paige has a babyDarla voice. The editing was just horrible. I was looking around on a few special effect boards and I found the art director of Forgotten Memories. The transportation scene was seriously altered.

For a fan film, it was amazing. Nothing compared to Revalations.
Pretty cool fan-made production! I could only get through the first half or so this morning, but I hope to find time to re-watch. They should be proud.

Dalton, I like that you used the word "impersonations" to describe their portrayals of the characters. It's quite accurate and appropriate here. Willow made me smile as well. Now I'm really curious about their nationalities too. If they are all Ozzies, well done US accents!
Wow! WoW! WOW! That was awesome! I totally got my Buffy fix for today and I still want more!

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