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January 22 2007

Blade star meets for Wonder Woman. "Jill Wagner, formerly of the short-lived "Blade: The Series", stopped by FlickDirect to talk up her future plans, and mentioned that she's actually met – yeah, 'met' is one better than 'stalked casting director’ or 'have emailed Joss Whedon via his MySpace' – for "Wonder Woman"."

Yet another actress supplying the rumor mill with more grist.

Also, another article about the same can be found here.

Joss has a myspace?
Funny, as gatekeeper to the stars (my new job has been outed, thanks to SangChaud), I don't recall meeting with her. She should have left a video on MySpace so I could have something to remember her by, or maybe baked me a pie. 'Cause, pie, yo. ;-)
I'm stuck on the "Joss has Myspace" point as well. has a myspace (which I forgot to put in my favorites...Grrrh! Arrrgh! ) Maybe she meant that one.

Nathan had a myspace imposter. Maybe Joss has myspace imposters as well.
You know, my MySpace picture clearly indicates that Joss is my minion, so I really think all of these actresses should be going through me.
You are all missing the point: Kim Basinger?? Is WW going to tell a grey haired Supes about the first time she left her island in a 120min flashback?
Trienco: Yes. Yes to ALL of the above. Did I mention that I have NO clue who any of these people are?
Joss has a myspace?

I think was taking the piss for effect.
Someone please post when this is available in a format other than WMV. Thanks!
Yup, see, ya gotta parse the sentence:

"...yeah, ‘met’ is one better than ‘stalked casting director’ or ‘have emailed Joss Whedon via his MySpace’ – for “Wonder Woman”."

Neither Jill Wagner nor moviehole is saying that Joss has a myspace profile, just that meeting Joss is "one better" than either stalking him or emailing him via a hypothetical myspace profile.

However, I am, in fact, "friends" with a Joss Whedon myspace "homage" profile that explicitly states that they are not the genuine Joss Whedon article. I am also friends with someone named "Poop Yer Pants" who may or may not be actually named "Poop Yer Pants."

As you can see, I'm not really all that discriminating when it comes to accepting "Add Friend Requests." It's all part of the wacky fun that is myspace...
Yeah, 'Piss Yer Pants' I could believe but 'Poop' ? Come on, pull the other one, who'd call their kid that ?

This sounds like she met with them for 'talks', Wonder Woman was mentioned and she (not being daft) said she'd be up for it. Which means she might be on the list they give to Joss for him to go through (pleeease tell me Joss gets final casting choice ?).

Still, a step above the usual speculation but only a baby step IMO.
Nathan had a myspace imposter. Maybe Joss has myspace imposters as well.

Yep he has. A few actually. The Firefly music project got added someone pretending to be his wife Kai, who apparently was running "his Myspace."
Ah well, some people have way too much time on their hands.
What´s sad is that some people actually believe it.
Do you know how many karl-marx-imposter exist? it's dreadful!
(Scene at Joel Silver's Office:)
Jill Wagner: Hi! I'm Jill Wagner. I was in Blade: The Series.
Joel Silver: Hi! I'm Joel Silver! I produce stuff.
Jill Wagner: Awesome! Whatcha producin', dude?
Joel Silver: Veronica Mars. Oh, some movie things, too. There's a whole bunch. Blah blah blah wonder woman blah blah blah.
Jill Wagner: Rockin'!
Joel Silver: Well, nice meeting you!
Jill Wagner: Yeah, nice meeting you, too!
(Jill Wagner leaves. THE END.)
I just love how farcical this whole WW casting thing is getting. I want to see a reality tv show where all the alleged 'contenders' have to fight to the death, 'D.O.A.'-style, and the one left standing gets the role.

Or maybe even a dance off. Or a beatboxing contest...
Sorry, billz, for the outing & all. From now on, it's just gonna be life in a fishbowl. And I'd be careful about mentioning such things as pie. History records that the Beatles mentioned, just in passing mind you, that they liked jelly beans, and then spent many performances dodging hailstorms of them. So considering how many actresses are chomping at the bit to fly that invisible plane, well, numerous sticky concussions loom on the horizon. You've been warned.

P.S. Like the script. Man, the talent doesn't stop with the gatekeeping. Have your peeps talk to my peeps. Call me. Yo.
Or maybe even a dance off.

I guess that and a sing off would be in order. Just in case there will be sequels and one happens to be a musical ,-)
W-W-W-W-W-Once More With Feeling !
Wonder More With Feeling?
Oh, Jill Wagner? Get a guy's hopes up with the "Blade star" bit, why don't you. Here I was hoping Sticky Fingaz had met for the part. Now, THAT would've been great. He's got such a cute voice. And he'd look great in star-spangled underoos and a tiara. Hell, I could have even settled for Snipes.

I want to see a reality tv show where all the alleged 'contenders' have to fight to the death, 'D.O.A.'-style

While reading that, I was thinking "and then the winner doesn't get the part anyway - cause that would be so funny", until i got to
Or maybe even a dance off. Or a beatboxing contest...

'cause then I was like, "Dude! I would so get the part!"
I'm a pretty kick-ass beatboxer.
Joss has no real MySpace, just the imaginary ones. (Which I do believe his people are trying to get shut down. Or at least they did try for the one Kessie mentioned; don't know if they were successful.)
The "boys" at other forums I frequent at times are clamoring for Jessica Biel to be considered. She can certainly do a good acting job (see The Illusionist) and is built (or exercised herself into built state) like a professional beach volleyball player. She's not really a name and Wonder Woman the movie could do a lot toward giving her some serious acting cred while washing away the stench that was (is ?) Seventh Heaven.
I don't think Jessica Biel would be good for that role.
She is kind of in the limelight. She has a great figure but I don't think her face is goddess material. That is just my opinion. Maybe she can play the baddy. Wonder Woman is a beauty like Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, someone that has classic beauty and can embody strength at the same time. I love Wonder Woman and I want to be surprised and I can't wait. I am soooooooooo excited to see who Joss is going to pick. I wonder how long it is going to take. Suspense is killing me!!Pick me!!I want to be Wonder Woman!!!Pick ME!!!
Surely they'll pick a relative unknown, like Routh, but fill out the rest of the cast with some starpower. Which is probably as it should be - if he's trying to 're-invent' the character to an extent, then an actor who doesn't bring any kind of baggage or reputation to the role would be useful.

[ edited by Mythtaken on 2007-01-24 07:09 ]
Does David Boreanaz have a myspace? Is there a way to find out if celebrity Myspace's are real?
Surely they'll pick a relative unknown, like Routh

Be careful with what you say, Mythtaken. Now there's gonna be rumors about Brandon Routh being in talks for the role of Wonder Woman.

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