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January 23 2007

When Joss Whedon met George Lucas. Mega scifi genre icon crossover heaven! Also at the American Film Institute website, there's a Joss penned tribute to Jack Lemmon.

If anyone is interested in what the AFI Conservatory program is, you can find more information about it here.

And Jeanine Basinger was Joss' film professor at Wesleyan. You can read about this in a lovely 2002 feature over at the Wesleyan website.

And James Earl Jones and Sydney Pollack! How cool is that?
Well, that gives a new twist to the thread we had a few weeks ago about George seeing Firefly. Maybe GL decided to get the DVDs after meeting Joss, yo.
Wow, and we're all still here ? Given Joss' talent for dialogue and characters I figured if they ever touched there'd be some kind of 'anti-Lucas' reaction with corresponding gamma ray burst and massive explosion ;-).

Nice tribute to Jack Lemmon, great, incredibly versatile actor (look at how good he was in 'The Odd Couple' then how good he was in 'Glengarry Glenross', that's range).

(sort of curious to see what he 'was just one of the' though. 'Boys' presumably ?)
How nice to see a picture of the woman who was and is so influential in Joss's life. And what a powerhouse of talent in those pictures. Nice variety of linkage there, Simon.
Since I don't know Whedon its hard for me to tell but in that first picture the look on his face seems to either register as nonplussed or as 'Wanna come to my room and see my etchings?' :)
Maybe James Earl Jones just let one rip ? Or maybe Joss is concentrating on not touching George cos he knows what'll happen ? ;-).

(did anyone see the AFI tribute to George Lucas, BTW ? Very funny stuff from Carrie Fisher and The Shat and Lucas took it all in good spirits. Seemed a pretty good sport)
Joss doesn't look that happy to be standing next to Lucas. That, or a Fox exec is taunting him just outside of the camera frame.
Oh com'on you naughty Whedon-fans. I know it isn't of the funny, but it looks more like someone said something to Joss just before the camera clicked. I have no doubt that Joss had all manner of nice things to say to GL. He has always said what a debt he had to the original Star Wars. I just love to see Joss in this company. (I know, I'm no fun at all.)

I have not had a chance to wander the site or look at all the other stuff Simon linked, but it looks interesting.

...and Jack Lemmon? His performances are just one gem after another.

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The only Lemmon performance I've seen is Some Like it Hot, and he was fantastic in that, somehow outperforming everyone else in the picture.

The tribute is a good read, although I was a bit disappointed with all the typos. How did that happen?
Daylight, besides the mentioned Ima La Douce, and Mister Roberts, a couple other Jack Lemmon performances you might want to check out are The Apartment and Bell, Book and Candle. There are many others, but those occured to me first.
The tribute is a good read, although I was a bit disappointed with all the typos. How did that happen?

Multiple choice:

a)Joss can't spell
b)data entry folk aren't paid all that well
d)Ben is Glory? River is made of chocolate?!?!
The tribute is a good read, although I was a bit disappointed with all the typos. How did that happen?

Read the title of the tribute.
There's a typo in that as well ;-)
Interesting that you've all missed the role that landed Jack Lemmon an Oscar for Best Actor... Save the Tiger. Wonderful Film! Days of Wine and Roses, Irma La Douce (Spelling Corrected!)and a personal favorite that's so rare it's not even on DVD... The War Between Men and Women; A film based on the writings of James Thurber, featuring Jason Robards and Animations of Thurber's bizarre drawings! :)
Very cool! My friend Jon was one of his teachers at Wesleyan (theatre audio I believe), so I'll need to send this off to him. I'm sure he knows Jeanine, too. A very nice tribute. sweet :)
"(sort of curious to see what he 'was just one of the' though. 'Boys' presumably ?)"

Pretty sure he was typing "them" and typed "the," intstead. Notice that the comma and m are next to eachother.
Yeah, I think it's "them" too, especially since it follows on the heels of audiences being touched by his "accessibility."

("One of us! One of us!")
Yep, seems like it's 'them' (as can be determined by actually, y'know, reading the sentence).

Well done, you all, err, passed my test. Ahem.

*slinks off with a degree of sheepishness*
I think I made that "one of us" joke first, but I can't remember what we were talking about.

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