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January 23 2007

New Photos of Alan Tudyk and his "Prelude to a Kiss" cast. There was a photo op on 1/19/07 that featured the cast of the upcoming Broadway play, "Prelude to a Kiss".

A couple of photos of Alan, but the best part is the caption under photo #4 "Alan Tudyk may be best known as the sci-fi TV star of Firefly...."
Finally they mention the show!

Bought tickets yesterday to see this in feb!! Yay Allan, I can't wait!
Well, I just love John Mahoney anyway for his years on film as a character actor (Say Anything, Moonstruck) to name a couple. And Alan's so handsome and sweet, he makes my teeth hurt. I hope the play is a huge hit.
Huh... my parents are Roundabout subscribers, so they'll be seeing this. Considering I had my copies of Firefly and Serenity sent directly to them so they could watch them before I took them off their hands, it'll be interesting to see if they recognize Alan!

ETA: Mahoney did The Dresser in Chicago at Steppenwolf a little while ago - did a nice job.

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I adore the film "Prelude to a Kiss" but am well aware many others don't. It made me fall in love with Meg Ryan.

I so wish I could see this. You're so lucky, MySerenity! I hope there will be a thread here or at .org where you can post more about his performance.

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