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January 23 2007

Doug Jones film 'Pan's Labyrinth' is nominated for 6 Oscars. Doug Jones is best known to the Buffyverse as one of the main gentlemen in Hush. Doug plays 2 characters in this film, including Pan, the other character is called Pale Man.

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Also, Jim Emerson, the current editor of, named Pan's Labyrinth his pick for best film of 2006. Can't wait to see it.

P.S. Shouldn't that tag be "pan's labyrinth"? I think 'laybrinth' would be a very different movie. :P
Just came back from watching it. What a beautiful movie and it was so nice having something fantasy for grown-ups. I will definitely be buying this one and keeping it next to Mirror Mask on the shelf with my favorites. I highly recommend it. Enjoy.
Pan's Labyrinth was at turns enchantingly beautiful and shockingly violent. There were many folks covering their eyes or turning heads during the showing I attended.

It was one of the more compelling movies I've seen in quite some time. Maybe since, aaaah, Serenity? ;)
Great movie, lots to talk about afterwards. I forgot one of the gentlemen were going to be in it. Who was the pale man - the character with no eyes?
And well deserved too. Should win everything it's nom'd for.

And yes the pale man was the eyeless creature at the feast table.
Who was the pale man - the character with no eyes?

Well, not exactly no eyes but yeah that was him. Good to see it getting acknowledged, beautiful, scary, powerful film.
I saw it last weekend in Sacramento as part of a two-theater double-header with "Last King of Scotland". Best time I've had in the movies in a long time. I just hope if and when Del Toro gets the Oscar he'll be joined by Pan and/or the Pale Man.
Perfect film. It deserves every single praise that one could give it. Thanks Mr. Jones and Cheers Mr. Del Toro.
Best film of 2006, hands down. At turns beautiful and terrible, and the ending slayed me. I love it when fairy tales grow teeth and heart, and the movie is gorgeous and deserves every accolade being thrown upon it.
@ impalergeneral: Pan's Labyrinth/The Last King Of Scotland? What and odd double feature. Both great films though. And I am happy to see Pan's Labyrinth up for so many Oscars. Sometimes those guys get it right. (However, Children Of Men ought to be up for more.)
Just saw Pan's Labyrinth this weekend. I had no idea there was a Buffy alum in it. I absolutely loved this movie but definitely earned every ounce of it's rated R.

Wonderfully imaginative film.
I hope now that it's an Oscar contender, it spreads to more theatres. Last year I remember seeing a bunch of mainstream theatres suddenly decide to carry some of the Oscar noms, even though many of them had been out for a while. I'm not sure if they've been doing that for years. I need to see this on the big screen though, and I just haven't had time to go downtown to the one theatre it's been playing at in Toronto.

If Brokeback could go as mainstream as it did given the subject matter and despite much of the population's discomfort, Pan's should be able to do the same despite its subtitles (hmm, that brings up an interesting point of discussion--what scares the average North American moviegoer more--having to read their movies, or facing two hot dudes kissing ?)

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