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January 24 2007

Steve Brust's LJ entry about Firefly. Just one long sentence in his official LiveJournal, but the comments are longer. There's some give and take with Brust and a few of the comments are pretty revealing.

I love that Brust is such a fan -- and wish that I could read his Firefly novel. I love his Dragaera novels, almost as much as I love the Whedonverse.

You and me both. I'd been a Brust fan since the late eighties. One of the things that tripped my trigger about Whedon was, "hey. He writes characters like Steven Brust."
I'm not familiar with him, but I love his take on the show's philosophy. Very fitting.
April, imagine what it would be like if Joss had the time and patience to sit down and write a novel -- my imagining is pretty darned close to what Brust writes, IMO. The chapter and a half I've heard of the Firefly novel was funny, accurately characterized, and way too short.

If you'd like to try a stand-alone intro to Brust, check out Cowboy Feng's Space Bar and Grill: it's more or less SF, kind of weird, and certainly funny.
Nice :) I've met Brust a couple of times (back when I lived in Minnesota) as well as his son, Corwin. And Emma Bull, and (the Fabulous) Lorraine Garland, and Will Shetterley in passing, and Neil Gaiman about 15 times... oops, name dropping. Karma -5 ;)
Zeitgeist I'm SO jealous that you got to read parts of it. I KNOW the guy (and Lorraine, Emma, Will...blah, blah name dropping) and I haven't gotten too. Of course, haven't seen him in over a year now that he doesn't to MN Renfest any more.

Maybe I'll breakdown and ask...I haven't because well, I'm...shy (or just stupid - can't decide)
Thanks, cabri. Weirdo writers are definitely my favorite.

Zeitgeist dropped the name "Neil Gaiman" on this thread, so maybe if I like one I'd like the other?

GOD I wish Joss would write a novel-length novel. It would be so cool if my favorite writer wrote like, a novel. ;) The ones with pictures are exceptional, no doubt. I'm just sayin'. That many Joss words in one bound volume would = nirvana.
fey_girl - I haven't read any of his FF spec. I used to work cash office at MNFest under the infamous Risk. We probably know other people in common - Mike Heck? Chuck Henricksen?

April - Neil is probably my fave author of all time. Try something of his, you won't be disappointed (er, I hope :)). There's no one quite like him. American Gods would be a good novel to check out, or you could grab one of the collections of short stories - Smoke & Mirrors or Fragile Things.

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