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January 24 2007

"Waitress" to be featured on "Festival Dailies" on Sundance Channel. This daily half-hour collection of reports on films at Sundance and interviews with filmmakers and cast will include a segment on Waitress on Wednesday 1/24's show (9pm, according to the promo).

Although this weblink does not specifically mention the Waitress segment, it was promoted at the end of Tuesday's edition of Festival Dailies.

The air/rerun schedule for this particular ep of the program is:

Wednesday 01.24.07 at 09:00 PM
Wednesday 01.24.07 at 11:30 PM
Thursday 01.25.07 at 07:00 AM
Thursday 01.25.07 at 11:00 AM
Thursday 01.25.07 at 03:30 PM
Sunday 01.28.07 at 07:00 PM

Went home for lunch yesterday and saw a short segment on some entertainment show about Sundance and they showed a clip from the film and interviewed Keri Russell (briefly). No mention of Nathan, though.
I finally saw this Festival Dailies, and it was about the same, kerfuffle -- interview with and clip of Keri Russell and Jeremy Sisto (Billy from Six Feet Under, yo!), talk about the late Ms. Shelly, no clips or mention of our Captain. But, at least the film is getting more attention! :-)

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