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January 24 2007

(SPOILER) David Boreanaz on the relationships in Bones. There's also some amazing guest star casting news for that show as well.

Stephen Fry on Bones? *dies*.

Stephen Fry on House would be so much better!
It's great to have Fry on for more than one episode too. Nice to see some of the people that are becoming associated with
"Bones", Caleb Deschanel, David Duchovny, and Ryan O'Neal to name a few. I love that this is a character driven show with the procedural as the backdrop. David definitely, fills the part as the handsome, strong leading man. The best part though is that he is charismatic and has great comedic timing.
I haven't read anything to suggest this but I wonder if Hugh Laurie and/or Stephen Fry have misgivings about his appearing on 'House' ? Just seems like it might be a bit cute for a show like that (though they've had at least one 'Blackadder' reference in past scripts).

Still if Fry's in the US for 'Bones' it seems churlish not to drop in on his old mucker ;).

In fairness to other shows I think most modern procedurals also realise you have to have compelling characters and relationships (e.g. CSI: Original, NCIS etc.) but 'Bones' does manage a lightness and gravity when required that's rare and the team interaction is great.

There's a nice long interview on a blog I sometimes read between Hart Hanson and the blogger (who also happens to be an old friend of his) wherein he mentions how much he liked writing for Fry among many other juicy tidbits about his life, process etc. Part 1 here and part 2 here.
I had given up on Bones after one or two episode (too gruesome for me), but recently caught an episode on Dutch television. Immediately noticed the improved chemistry between the actors and made a note to watch a few more episodes. Fry is the best incentive!
Nice interview.
So there I was in Target, and there it was, Bones S1, on sale for $19.99, and I had never seen the show but it was screaming at me, "Buy me!" So I did, and then I got sick and was home for a few days and I had watched the entire season, and LOVED it. Love Tempe Brennan ("I don't know what that means!"). Love Angela Montenegro ("I don't talk about my dad much." Hee. Billy Gibbons!). Love Hodgins and Zack. Maybe don't so much love Seeley Booth, but hey, nothing's perfect. Love the humor and the pathos, and the interactions, and was not that Christmas episode just perfect? It's a good fit for David Boreanaz, a different character than Angel, and his work with Emily Deschanel is great- but I hope they don't go all Maddy on the two of them, keep that tension present- or selse play it like Grissom and Sara, two of the most compelling people presently on TV.
Oh wow, I love Stephen Fry! I have been waiting for him to show up on House as a snooty British patient who drives House insane.

Dana5140, I liked your story of how you came to be a fan of "Bones." I haven't missed an episode from the beginning. After a few rough spots in the early episodes, "Bones" seemed to find its footing. I loved the Christmas episode too. The second season is even better than the first. I'm curious to see what impact "American Idol" will have on the ratings for "Bones."
I'm another who has watched from episode 1 and has loved it from that day. I'll be with this one till the end!
Couldn't quite get into Bones either. D.B. is good but the actress opposite him is a bit flat. Haven't seen any new episodes so perhaps it is worth another try.
I think that's a character choice kerfuffle, she's meant to seem very contained, rational and logical certainly at the start. Later on Brennan starts to trust more and opens up to Booth, Angela etc. (though she's still very much a 'head' person, often to hilarious effect).

For my money Emily Deschanel does an excellent job (as do they all though the guy that plays Zach also handles the only other overtly eccentric character very well).
The first half season I also had a very hard time getting into the show, kerfuffle, mostly because of Emily Deschanel, but after seeing the Christmas and "The Man in the Bear" eps one after the other, I was hooked. At first it was the chemistry between the assistants that pulled me in, then I ultimately "got" Brennan and love seeing how Deschanel plays her. The show has improved every season (which doesn't happen a lot on TV) as much due to DB improving actor-wise as to the writing.
I had a hard time getting into it because it seemed so odd that all of the country's top forensic scientists look like 20-something supermodels. But I got used to it & now I'm hooked. And I fell in love with Emily Deschanel during the episode when she lets go to the Foreigner song. Hilarious.
That Foreigner song piece is pretty funny.
I like the show but I wouldnt leave a killer party to see it or anything. I guess I like it better than anything else on regular tv nowdays.
Count me in the loyal fan group. I've been watching from the beginning. And even though ED was slow to warm up in the beginning, DB is a stand-out and the show has improved with each episode. If you watched it at first and didn't like it or haven't seen it yet, it's well worth another try.
I second everybody's comments. I think some of the improvement is that Temperance's lines have just gotten funnier.
I think Bones is ok. Better than Lost. The science is still bit sketchy for a show that's supposed to be somewhat plausible. For instance, the Christmas episode with the isolation in the lab. Valley fever's not transmissable person to person. It's a fungi spread by dried spores in the environment. Isolating the people in the lab, or at all, made little sense.

Regardless, it's fun to watch and the chemistry has definitely improved between all the actors.
Hurrah for Stephen Fry. And Hugh Laurie.

Do add Fry and Laurie loveliness to your life (and dvd queue) if you haven't yet: At the very least see "Blackadder," "A Bit of Fry and Laurie," and "Jeeves and Wooster."
Fry and Laurie created one of the best rap songs ever, you know. It's called 'Be Nice'. I'm sure it's on YouTube somewhere.
I'm a doctor, and they really do get the science wrong at times. Though, to me, it's pretty funny- watching them mispronounce medical terms, or do something like pick up part of the sacrum and call it, y'know, the atlas (which is the C1 vertebra). :-) And let's not even touch the x-rays they put up! But it's still great.
Yeah, i've long since given up worrying about that stuff. I can't really think of a single TV show that's ever shown computers being used in a realistic fashion (something a great many more people are likely to know about), just gotta let it wash over, duck's back stylee.

(it still irks a bit though when a crucial plot point hangs on an entirely made up property e.g. on humans having 250 bones in their body or, say, being able to crack government level encryption on a laptop given a couple of hours *cough* Willow *cough* ;)
Wait, you mean humans don't have 250 bones in their body?
Stephen Fry on Bones! *falls over from excessive dancing about and utter lack of worrying that he has finally given in to his inner nerd*
being able to crack government level encryption on a laptop given a couple of hours

Oh, you've never done that? :)
*shuffles feet*

Err, of course, I just don't like to brag is all. Ahem.

(I like to do it between hacking into NORAD and infecting alien computer systems with a virus ;)
"being able to crack government level encryption on a laptop given a couple of hours

Oh, you've never done that? :)"

Poor Willow she didn't get a chance to. That sneaky old Adam had them all set to decode by themselves when he was ready. So I guess that makes all the science on BtVS accurate. Now if I can get my brother to ignore all the mistakes in the magical, mythological and Goddess references (the snorting and groaning is really distracting)we will all be happy in la la la la land. ;-)

IMO Bones did get much better and I enjoy it when I see it...except for the grusome. I'm with you there, Caroline. Why do they do that...and at 8:00PM. It makes it very hard to watch if I want to spend time with my son.
I have just bought Season 1 Bones. I liked it when it was on TV (DB mmm looking but found I enjoyed it much better on the second round on DVD. No adds to distrub the flow and able to enjoy the quickness of the script more. There really is some very witty stuff and beautiful comic timing.

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