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January 24 2007

Beta version of the Firefly online game ready for 2008? That's what Corey Bridges at Multiverse is hoping for.

Not a lot of new info there, except I hadn't heard/read this part before:

You can't play as Captain Mal Reynolds--but you might meet him in the game. And maybe you could accept a smuggling mission from Badger or, if you're kinda nuts, from Niska.

That's cool. I wasn't at all keen on being able to play the actual characters we know and love. Some fans/hard core gamers have given the Multiverse a lot to chew on -- in a nice way -- over at Multiverse Firefly forums. They've really come up with a lot of of good input and I have no reason to think the development team won't at least glance at it. Where else could they find lengthy, thoughtful discussions by mostly gamers who are Firefly fans?
Weird. I thought all of that info was old news. Heh.
My guess is that the interview is from a few weeks ago - in one of his answers Corey talks about the B3 convention as having happened "last week."

Still, I'm excited for the game. Pleasepleasepleaseplease let it be playable on a Mac!
The timescale was new to me, I didn't expect to see a playable version until 2009. Also new to me in the interview was the word "phenomenal".
Heh. I really can't see how they could have a version available by next year I'm afraid -- they haven't even got a developer assigned yet, and they still need to, like, make the game. After designing it.

Still, hopefully I'm wrong.
Well, if that is indeed true about the beta next year, shiny.
Well, in theory at least, the development time would be cut down dramatically because a lot of the basic level stuff is handled by Multiverse. And, if they're talking about a beta, it's not like they are necessarily saying that there will be a LOT of content, just some, and a basic engine. And, the end of 2008 is almost two years away. That's do-able, maybe. Or, you know, maybe they can do the impossible.
Don't forget folks that "2008" does NOT say WHEN in 2008 so that's almost 2 years potentially for it to get to the /beta/ stage. Which while a little quick is by no means unreasonable gossi.

That being said as a frequent musher in the 'verse the layout of NOT being able to play as canon characters works REALLY well. one of the concerns I have with the game however will be to get enough people interested and playing that the game is profitable, this affects how long the servers for said game are kept up for ;).

Now I'm assuming that it'll be a good game, and if they listen to us and do their reasearch properly it will be.

Personally I'm excited for the game and I'll DEFINATLLY buy it when it comes out (even if it sucks to be frank) beacause buying this stuff is what gives us more stuff :D

I'm rambling now, but that's my $0.02...
My daughter was at B3 with me and signed up to be contacted to beta this game.

She is a WoW player and was instantly riveted when they announced this at B3. She and her fiance belong to a large group of gamers and they're all excited about the prospect of playing this game.
They are spreading the word throughout their gaming community about it and plan to include it in their many "runs".

One of the things both of my daughters told me would "keep The Signal alive" ( their words not mine! ) was if they developed a game for Firefly. I'm so glad they're doing it!

I truly hope they can do the beta by 2008. That would be so shiny!
Its being built on an existing "engine", so... I'm interested to see what they come up with, but I'm less excited than many, having tested out Multiverse for myself. Underwhelmed, me, but then I've just been beta testing a fairly cutting edge MMOG, so.

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