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"Mercy, forgiveness, trust. Those are the things he left back there."
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January 24 2007

Happy Birthday to Stephanie Romanov, today.

Oh, absolutely Happy Birthday!
Happy happy birthday!
I adore the character Lilah. Aside from SMG guesting, the most beautiful and talented gal on ATS, imo. Happy Birthday. :)
I loved Lilah, too. The Wes/Lilah relationship was one of the most fascinating pairings in the Verse.

Happy birthday, Stephanie.
Love, love, love the Lilah.

Very happy birthday!

/wife and I adore badgal Lilah!
Happy Birthday Stephanie! :D
I totally agree with Reddygirl... Wes/Lilah was damn hot.
Got to go with xanderharris and Reddygirl. Hottest moment ever (imo) on AtS?

Wes (to Lilah): Leave them on.
Happy Birthday, Ms. Romanov! You made Lilah someone to fear, hate, love and lust for all at once! :-)
Long live the Wes/Lilah love!

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