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January 24 2007

More Buffy and Firefly at Parkway Speakeasy in Oakland, CA. Thursday, February 16, 9.15pm, the Parkway will be showing three episodes of Buffy, including OMWF. Admission $6. Thursday, March 15, 9.15pm, the Parkway will be showing episodes 4-6 of Firefly. Admission $6.

Hey! YAY! Everyone should come! As a heads up, the correct date for Feb. is the 15th.
Any idea what other two episodes they'll be showing? I don't like "OMWF".
Colors, at the last OMWF show at the Parkway, the MC had us all vote for the episode we would like to see next time and "Hush" won. Don't know about the other episode. I'd recommend you email the Parkway directly and ask them. They're SUPER friendly and responsive.

In any event, even if you don't like one or more of the episodes, I would recommend going anyway! It's not just about sitting and watching an episode. You get to hang out with Buffy fans, play trivia games, win prizes... It's not your traditional movie theater--think big couches, pizza and beer. We had a great time the last few times we went and will definitely make it to this one.

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I love the Parkway. The countless Rocky Horror shows I've gone to, the growing number of Whedon-related events they/we have hosted there, the couches, the pizza, the cider, the fantastic dive bar next door, the staff, the atmosphere, the memories. I think it's basically my favorite theatre in the world now.

Don't quote me - mifeng is the lady in charge - but the other episodes we were throwing around for February were Tabula Rasa and Hush.

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