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January 25 2007

Michael Muhney proudly considers himself a Browncoat. The Veronica Mars star just finished watching Firefly (thanks to a Backup Bash attendee) and is a newly converted Joss minion.

Gotta love that guy :D
Aw, I was scooped! That'll learn me for nitpicking and previewing too much. Michael did mention he'd like to be able to post to Whedonesque, so someone ought to hook a Sheriff up!
Man has good taste AND he got the brilliance of Joss. Really, give the guy a gold star. Also, Rob Thomas, get him back on our TV!1!
Whoo, will I be the first to say -- One of Us, One of Us! And he even watched Done the Impossible, too; Michael so rocks. Welcome to the 'Verse, Sheriff Lamb, and big props for coming to B3! :-)
Well, back at him, 'cause if I didn't already love him for being the best mostly-awful Sheriff on one of my few favourite non-Jossian-shows, this here what he said would've done the trick:

"Look up 'character-driven' in the dictionary and there's a picture of wide-eyed Joss giving everyone the finger."


Aw, I know what he means and how he means it.


Welcome aboard, Sher'ff. Ain't love grand?

(Oh, jeebers, PTB, get that fine man a membership, won't we?)
Awesome! As if I didn't already have enough reasons to love the guy. (By the way, a lowly, lurkerly, infrequent poster like me is still a member, but Sheriff Lamb, patron to the fandom, ain't? PTB, help the guy out! ;) )

Also, this?
(a.k.a. future regular on Joss' next show)
Michael Muhney for Wonder Woman, anyone? I know Nathan would be so disappointed that Joss could possibly even think of passing on him for the role of Wondy, but if it means Muhney can officially become part of the Whedonverse... ;)
"I think my favorite thing about their writing is the inherently flawed characters that drive this show. I love that there is so much weakness, waffling, and hesitation in each one of them."

I bet he'd love watching Angel, if he hasn't done so already.
Ahhh yes.....the feelings and emotions when you get to the end of the last episode of Firefly. The feeling of priviledge of having known such wonderful characters, the feeling of total loss and despair, when you realise that that is really it. The exuberation of telling all your non-inducted friends, relations, acquaintances and postman about the series and forcing them to watch it (Just watch the first 2 episodes...I swear you will never look will be banging on the door for the rest of the series ( cuz you NEVER lend out your box set, only the old copies you taped from the tv)). The feeling of regret, that you should have paced it out, maybe watched one a month. The feeling of futility, cuz yeah right, that was never gunna happen......sigh......
Awwwwww. That made my morning.

"Michael Muhney for Wonder Woman, anyone?"

Yes! Yes!
We'll gladly hook him up with an account if he drops at line at contact [at]
I just saw that on my friends list myself. That man is just made of awesome.
"Look up 'character-driven' in the dictionary and there's a picture of wide-eyed Joss giving everyone the finger."

I have got to get me one of those dictionaries (I already have the one with my picture next to 'idiot' and the one with 'gullible' taken out).

Liked him on VM (and from a couple of guest spots on e.g. 'Numb3rs' etc.) even before he turned up at the backup bash off his own bat but that sealed the deal and this ices the cake (and if he does more good stuff that'll no doubt mix the metaphor still further). Clearly a fellow of eminent good taste.
Damnit. I had totally written off Veronica Mars. I'd tried to watch it a few times and it just never stuck. Now this guy turns out to be super awesome and I feel obligated to give it another go all of a sudden.
He was so kind to show up that night at B3 and so self-effacing ("I usually just tivo on Saturday nights - this got me out of the house and I just live around the corner") that I'm glad he got his reward by being introduced to Firefly.
And Michael, join the line. There are a number of us who would like to have a relationship with Joss. But you do have a better chance at it than most of us.
Like the Tim love too.
He's a really sweet guy. With exceptionally good taste! :-)
It's always awesome to add to our fold and that much cooler when it is someone with a loyal fanbase of their own who can swoon more fans to our obsession.

I was just really excited to hear such wonderful words about the show, Joss, Tim and the fandom from someone in the industry with nothing to gain. Now, I think I just fell a little more in love with the deliciously rotten sheriff.
Is it possible to love Michael Muhney any more?
Steve Trevor, anyone? Unless that role has already been cast. Michael has another connection to the 'verse other than being on the Master's favorite show. He co-stars in the movie 'Liars, Lovers, and Lunatics' with Amber Benson who wrote, directed, starred, and produced the film. It's now out on DVD availible from the website. He plays Amber's boyfriend in the film.
That's pretty awesome. To Michael: the only thing that dulled my pain over realizing there was no more Firefly was discovering Joss did Buffy and Angel and then giving them a chance. Boy did that help. A lot.
Oh how dreamy, as if I wasn't already head over heels for him. *shiver*
I already commented on LJ, so I will just say 'Awesome.'
Welcome to the fold Mr. Muhney. Your timing is perfect. The Buffy and Angel DVD sets are still on sale at various places for $19.99 each. Check them out, you won't be sorry. (I'm assuming you haven't already only because then you would have already known about the dictionary and Joss's finger. ;-) )
Welcome aboard, Sheriff!

Michael coming over to B3 is the reason that I went back and started watching Veronica Mars!
Loved VM from the first epi. I have always loved Sherriff Lamb. I personally would love to see him as "(a.k.a. future regular on Joss' next show)". But I'd edit it to say "(a.k.a. future regular on Joss' next show/movie)"
Steve Trevor, anyone?

That's what I was thinking! He's definitely easy on the eyes and a Whedon-worthy actor! Still, I think I would prefer to see him in a weekly series, so we could have more of him to watch! I can tell from his blog that he's a genuinely terrific person.

I do hope something transpires to allow him to post here.
Michael Muhney, welcome to the Nuthouse, m'dear! All the best nuts are WHEDONesque nuts, dont'cha know.
Fan-fricking-tastic. Love Michael Muhney, and especially love the fact that we're now +1 in the Browncoats count.
What a lovely post he made. I guess he wasn't on set the day Joss filmed his cameo (I can't remember if Lamb was even in that episode). But yes, to the above suggestion about Steve Trevor. I can see him being a good fit for that part. Unfortunately, like all of us, he can only hope Joss comes back to TV someday.
I love it. That reaction never gets old. Saw the same thing when i introduced all my friends to the Jossverse one by one. Never gets old. Also never hurts to have a famous (ok semi-famous) person drinking our Kool-aid.
Look up "character-driven" in the dictionary and there's a picture of wide-eyed Joss giving everyone the finger.

Brilliant! I love the visual, just wish I there was an actual picture ... I'd love to see that!
He was great in Amber Benson's Lovers, Liars, and Lunatics. For my money he shared top actor spot with Christine Estabrook in the film, who also rocked in the first season of Desperate Housewives...I only watched the first year of that series, but people don't give it enough props for its very strong cast, they're always talking about the tabloid-esque storylines and attractiveness of the leading ladies.

I swear I'll give Veronica Mars a second shot some day, but based on those first three episodes of Season 1 I watched on TV back when it finally decided to premiere on the Canadian airwaves, I don't feel like I have much incentive for doing so. Just didn't appeal at all. At the time, I worried that I was just sick of highschool shows and teenagers after having recently been one and going through all those WB genre shows and prime time dramas in the `90s...I'm not sure if that's what it is.
I officially love that man.

I bet he'd love watching Angel, if he hasn't done so already.

My thoughts exactly.
"Look up 'character-driven' in the dictionary and there's a picture of wide-eyed Joss giving everyone the finger."

Note to self (and community): Wikipedia's article for 'Character driven' seems to be awfully lacking. It redirects to Plot (narrative). Needs to be written. Ask Joss for picture.
He was already sort of Buffyverse fan, wasn't he?
He did comment on his inclusion into this season's credits in an interview, and compared to when Amber was included in the credits, back in "Seeing Red", with comments about that being the episode when she was killed off.
Love his work in VM, Lamb might not be the nicest character, but I can't wait for the day Rob decide to explore all that sexual tension between him and Veronica.
May I echo how good he is in Lovers, Liars and Lunatics. It's great that he's now a minion like us.
One of us, one of us, one of us ... You will all be assimilated. Resistance is futile. Somehow, I never tire of saying that.

[ edited by Tonya J on 2007-01-26 01:39 ]
I swear I'll give Veronica Mars a second shot some day...

You should, it's got a real Whedonesque feel to it, especially the dialog.

Loved Michael M's blog post...and many kudos to him for his participation in the Backup Bash. Most definitely an honorary BDH!
AWESOMENESS! I love it, and the sadness at the end - I remember it well. Always good to hear the testimonial of a new browncoat, especially the famous ones. ;) The "word" spreads so much quicker that way.
Love Michael Muhney and VM - and those of you who gave VM up-give it another shot!
I would kill for Michael to be on a Joss TV show, but that would mean he would no longer be the sheriff, or *gasp* no more Veronica. Now that would be a bad day...(the no Veronica part, not the Michael on a Joss show part).
Tonya J: "One of us, one of us, one of us ... You will all be assimilated. Resistance is futile. Somehow, I never tire of saying that."

Yup, I agree, some Sincere Sensations never get old...

Like this one: "One of us! One of us! Gooble gobble, gooble gobble, one of us! One of us!"
Mr. Muhney, we're thrilled you enjoyed "Firefly" and your comments were wonderful! Again, you're welcome to join the discussion among us. Trust me, our subjects can become pretty interesting with thoughts considered on every angle. And a few you didn't.

I think it's true to say that Joss captured our hearts with his emotional truthslay of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel". It can't be explained, only watched and felt. And that magic is what bought all of these minds together. We love to laugh and toss the fruits and various meats (see BtVS). We never draw blood.

Oh, wait....did I mention Buffy?
Oh god I love that man. I wonder if any of the rest of the VM cast watches..

I just LOVE it when fandoms collide like this. It's crazy. Also crazy how I see people here now and then who I recognize from VM boards/livejournal communities and such. Ohh, the fandom world is so huge, yet so small. I love it.

This is my first comment! I decided to come out from lurkdom, because this just called out to be commented on.
That's awesome!

I hope to see more of Mr. Muhney over on Veronica Mars, as he hasn't been on a whole lot this season and I miss the guy.
We'll gladly hook him up with an account if he drops at line at contact [at]

Caroline | January 25, 14:28 CET

So, did he drop a line and got hooked up?
Ya-huh he did, Salocin.

(Can't sleep. On my laptop prowling the Whedon'verse. Can't imagine why./sarcasm.)
That's great :D

(Sleep? Now? It's just past 4pm... here :P)

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