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January 25 2007

(SPOILER) Supernatural producer loves Buffy, wants Marsters to guest. Robert Singer tells "I never thought I would particularly like Buffy, but my wife got me hooked on it, and I was hooked on him [James]". Amber Benson, Amy Acker and Julie Benz have already guested on the show (interview contains spoilers for upcoming episodes btw).

Amy Acker also has been on Supernatural.
He could even play a vampire (or some other monster). :D
You know I was trying to remember who else had guested on Supernatural but for the life of me I couldn't remember. Thanks for the reminder Buffyfantic.
I think if James does guest on the show, he would be an expert on demons rather than be one. It's also nice to know Buffy is still picking up fans afterall these years, and will get more once the new comic series comes out.
Whatever they come up with for James, I hope it's something unexpected. It would be a gas if, say, the boys investigate phenomenon perhaps a little more lighthearted, like a haunted theatre, and James is back to his Shakespearean roots playing Macbeth or something.
That would be fabulous if JM also came on to guest. I wish he'd elaborated in the interview why he didn't think he'd like "Buffy." Surely it wasn't just the name?
I dig this show. On the first episode of the new year "Hunted" they had Katharine Isabelle the chick from Ginger Snaps guest star and she was awesome on the show. I was hoping her character would have a recurring role on the show but it doesn't look likely. :(
I didn't think I would like Buffy when it first came out. I had seen the movie in theaters right away because I thought it looked great. While I was entertained by it, I couldn't imagine a series based on it being any good at all, especially not one on the WB. Than when the 4th season premiered there was nothing else on TV that night, I was really bored, decided to watch, right away I was hooked, saw the commercials for Angel during the show, and I definitely wanted to see that.

Back than, I didn't follow entertainment news that much, didn't know the back story of Joss not liking how the movie turned out. I didn't start really paying attention until the 6th season was almost over. I payed attention than because I didn't realize there was a 6th season, I thought the show was over after the season five finale.

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Just a guess on my part, but I'm thinking that there will be a lot more chance of us seeing JM on this show if they come up with something interesting and totally different from anything we have seen him play before. Just sayin'.
Oh, yes, please, JM on television again. And I promise to watch the show and never once ask, 'now which one is Dean again?'
I was hooked on him too!
I really love this show and now comic books and a chance of seeing James on there?!?! It's almost more than my little heart can stand!! I know James would be great in the show playing opposite Sam & Dean, whatever role they gave him, or whatever show he chooses to be on. I just wish he would be on something, anything, and Supernatural would be one of my first choices to see him in. TPTB, please?
Oh this would be AMAZING

I love that show and really enjoyed seeing Amy and Amber on it

James would be the cherry on top of the icing on top of the tastiest cake in the shop :)
Speaking of James--someone spoil me, please. What happened to his character on Smallville. Was he actually playing Brainiac, or did it turn out to be someone/something else ?

Now that it's in its second season, has Supernatural shown some quality, well-written eps and/or arcs? Turned out to be more than a mediocre buddy-cop X-Files-style show? With admittedly unbelievable eye-candy! Loved that Jensen Ackles when I was still watching Smallville. Hated how they just threw his character, Jason, away as if they'd never built the character up with any importance before (and so easily made him evil--moronic decision, not to mention a clumsy transition to get him there). Smallville's done that plenty though, to lots of its recurring and main characters, treated them like trash.
My guess is that "he didn't think he'd like Buffy", because of the name. Personally, when I first heard about BTVS, I dismissed it as some kiddy show.

He has great taste, to say the least.

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This guy Singer and his wife obviously have good taste!
I have watched a few episodes, but really, it scares the crap out of me. I guess thats a good thing because it is what they are aiming for. As a matter of fact in the first few minutes after Smallville's Justice last week I literally had to jump up and turn off the TV (I can never find the remote) because it started to freak me out.
So...which one is Dean?
Oh, come on, ya big baby, it's not that scary. But it is awfully good. I think this season has been great so far. Dean is the older brother, Sam is the younger. I love the banter between the 2 brothers. I think they need a female as a regular on the show, to give another dimension to their characters. Last week's episode with the haunted hotel was esp. good and I even like the way it is filmed with just a little color, almost b & w, makes it even creepier.
Well, Ben Edlund is a staff member in the show now (edit: you know maybe it's time to ask for a winchester brothers puppet episode, just for the laughs) and they even got VM's Meg (Alona Tal) as a mini Buffy (well, at least me and my friends call her aspiring demon hunter that) in this season. Onto that Alona's, Jo still got a long road to go to become the ultimate demon hunter, but I'd love to have her getting more screen time.
I do find that having them embrace a more mithology outlook in the show quite interesting. But it's still more X-Files (minus the conspiracy that started intersting, but pretty much destroyed the show later on) than Buffy or Angel.
At least it's better than Charmed.

So...which one is Dean?

Am I the only one who still associoate that name with Jared Paladecki (because he played a Dean in Gilmore Girls - info for the uniformed), and have to think twice about who's that referring to whenever Jensen Ackles is not in the scene to respond to someone calling out for a "Dean'.

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Numfar, you are definitely not alone in your Deanfusion! I too blame Gilmore Girls. It's a mental block for me and I don't seem to be able to break through it, even after all this time.

James would be great. So would Alexis Denisof! He is an experienced rogue demon hunter, after all.

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I didn't think I'd like the show at first mostly because of SMG, to be honest. I knew she was in dumb teen movies so figured she'd be a bad actress. (I was wrong, of course.) Also, I usually hate horror movies, but then the show turned out to be so much more than that, plus not even that scary, so it was fine. :)

But why the creator of Supernatural would think he wouldn't like it, I don't know. I've never seen the show, but isn't it young people fighting the demons and other supernatural things? Sounds right up his ally. Maybe he thought it would be campy like the movie.
James Marsters and Spike are the reason I was hooked too. I hope he does do Supernatural.

I didn't watch Buffy at first because I read a description in TV guide or something and it mentioned a good vampire with a soul named Angel and thought that sounded incredibly stupid. And still think so.

I understood the incongruity of Buffy's name and liked the movie.

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Well, the name "Buffy" makes it hard to actually go and decide to watch it.... (At least if you're 40 something) which was a bit of the point of the name if I remember an interview of Joss correctly. He said something to the point that anybody who would look past the name and/or notice the incongruity of Buffy in conjunction with slayer was the type of people he wanted to watch the show. Well something like that anyway.

I myself slunk around the DVDs for ages. The title really put me off, even if the explanation on the jacket told me that it would totally be my thing. When I finally decided to take them out, I was hooked in the first 5 minutes. The turning of the viewers expectations in that first scene with Darla ( scary guys breaking into scary room at night---> oh, wrong expectation, teenagers maaking out at the school ---> wrong again, teenagers getting threatened --> Oh not at all, Teenager being eaten by his prospected date--> What!?!?!!!) really made me an addict right away.

But the title? Come on. (Now of course I adore it)
I just chowed through the first season of Supernatural on DVD. That show needs more characters if it is ever going to gel and stop blowing through "Monster of the Week" tropes. Even Scully and Mulder had to go back to the office once in a while, and had an opportunity to introduce other characters to the series. Supernatural (at least in the first season) is divorced from that. When you can't count on at least five regular characters, you will have a hard time sustaining a genre show.

So, if they have Marsters, let's make him a regular, hrm?
I really like Supernatural. At it's best, it's right up there with Lost and VM and Dean and Sam are great characters, very well written.

Ocular, that's my only complaint, too. I hope Jo and her mother (Ellen?, I'm having a blank moment) and the demon-expert dude at the bar become regulars next year.

Also, I'd rather they stay in one spot for more than one epi.
There is not enough woman power on the show. The boys are cute and great actors, but I need female actors to make it a well-rounded, watchable show.

Kris - I completely agree about Jenson on Supernatural. What a waste of good talent! The writing for that season was horrendous!

And Dean will always be Dean. That is just weird.
What the hell is wrong with everyone aroung here?!?

Dean is the HOT one.

Aside from that, he's a wonderful actor; so good with perfectly delivered wry humor and under-the-breath-muttering that he brings James Marsters' skill in Buffy to mind. I highly recommend checking him out in the Dark Angel series with Jessica Alba. Truly, his best role yet.
I don't care which one is Dean. They are both hawt. Yes, I am extremely shallow and enjoy the boy eye candy thoroughly. Sue me. :)
A lot of people give you the hairy eyeball when you try to tell them that "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" is the greatest television program that has ever been on. Yes, it's the title. My room-mate rented the movie and I caught 5 minutes of it. I thought it was a cute idea - Clueless meets Dracula. But when the series came on I couldn't imagine how the joke could be extended throughout a series. It wasn't until I started hearing it described as the most *intelligent* show on the air that I got intrigued by it. Then I had to wait until they invented DVDs to watch it all.
Well, in the second season they do discover a sort-of "home base," and we're introduced to a few recurring characters, which does help ground them a bit. IMHO, the family dynamics are compelling enough that I don't really care about a big supporting cast... what those boys go through is enough to keep me coming back for more.

Plus, Amber Benson as a hot vampire? Gotta love it! Wonder if her character slept with a pic of Vamp!Willow under her pillow...
I think JM would make a great guest star. Hope it turns out to be more than just talk.

I think Supernatural has hit it's stride this year. To me the writing feels tighter. The wry humor is terrific and the scares are much more tense than last year. I don't mind the monster of the week stories, as it's also got the overall story arc laying underneath and popping out at you at different moments. I think Ben Englund has probably had something to to with it coming together. At least it certainly feels like he's had an impact on the show. I think one good example is one of the funniest moments so far was last week when the hotel manager assumed the boys were "together" and there to go antiqueing, followed up by Sam telling Dean that he was too butch, that maybe he was trying too hard. I think their expressions and emotions really made the scene work.

For me, it's the first show that approaches a passable, almost accceptable "replacement" to the Buffy 'verse, even without the "girl" power. I think it's that excellent balance of humor and drama set in my favorite type of 'verse.

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I have seen the supernatural pilot just last week, and I think I enjoyed it a little bit. Didn't know about Amy Acker, Amber Benson, etc. appearing, something to look forword too.Not sure if I will continue watching though.

The Dean's are a bit confusing, but I guess with the scary in Supernatural it won't share that great a many viewers with GG, will it?

I can't find the IGN interview with Joss online (link doesn't seem to work or they've taken it down) but he said some stuff about the origin of the name in it:
IGNFF: Where did the name Buffy come from?
WHEDON: It was the name that I could think of that I took the least seriously. There is no way you could hear the name Buffy and think, "This is an important person." To juxtapose that with Vampire Slayer, just felt like that kind of thing a B movie. But a B movie that had something more going on. That was my dream. The network begged me to change the title. I was like, "You don't understand. It has to be this. This is what it is." To this day, everyone says, "Oh, the title kept it from being taken seriously." I'm like, "Well, f*** them. It's a B movie, and if you don't love B movies, then I won't let you play in my clubhouse." Now, I'm not an exclusionary person, I don't like to drive people away, but honestly, if people have trouble with that title ...
IGNFF: Well, they don't forget it.
WHEDON: You know, you're not wrong.
IGNFF: That's, what, three-quarters of the work a title's supposed to do?
WHEDON: Yeah. The other one-quarter is it's supposed to make you want to watch it. But, hey, at least I got three-quarters.
Sometimes I wonder if the fact that I always loved the title "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" indicates that there is something wrong with me. When I am feeling charitable with myself, I figure it just means that I am just out of step with the rest of humanity. ;-)

My only concern when I turned on the first episode was whether it would live up to the wonderful and ironic implications that the name suggested to me. I remember feeling very satisfied that that would be the case when Giles concluded that "The earth is doomed." I wish I had had the time to continue watching it at the time. (New baby.) I never expected it to become what it did become and would have loved to have been following its progress instead of finding out after it went off the air.
I am definitely in the minority here. I really hope that JM doesn't guest on Supernatural. Spike was my all-time favorite character on Buffy, but I've found that I really haven't enjoyed anything JM's done off of Buffy, probably because I've typecast him as Spike and only Spike, so to see otherwise messes with my mind. But that's just my weirdness.

Also, Fitz, funny you would say that Jensen Ackles' acting is reminiscent of the quality of JM's acting in Buffy. That's exactly what I thought! Supernatural was the first thing I saw Jensen Ackles in (I've since watched Dark Angel), and by the episode "Faith" from last season I was like, "This boy can act!" It's so refreshing when hawt WB guys can actually pull off anything credible in the acting department.
I saw the ep this past week and it was amazing. It was the ep where the shapeshifter was robbing a bank with Sam and Dean trying to stop him/her. It reminded me of some of the Angel season 4 eps where there was a plot reversal every few minutes and it blews your mind. I also saw Amber Benson's ep but thought she was given nothing to do dramatically. Katharine Isabelle is great. I wish she and her GINGER SNAPS co-star Emily Perkins could have guest starred on BtVS. This is the next best thing. I hope she and JM become reoccurring characters if not regulars. Also good to see at least one Whedonverse writer/producer on the show along with some heavy duty X-Files alum.
I've been a fan of Supernatural pretty much since it began. The early episodes were nothing to shout about but it showed promise and Dean and Sam were interesting enough leads to keep me watching. By the end of the first season it had become one of my must-see shows. Season two starts here in just over a week (although I have to wait until the Thursday repeat due to ITV2's rather stupid idea to schedule it against 24!) and I'm really looking forward to having it back on my list of shows to watch.

James on the show? Well, even the mighty JM couldn't get me to watch Smallville but I think he would be a great fit on Supernatural. As long as they give him a human role. Having him play a demon again would be a waste, in my opinion.
I love Supernatural and I have to say that DEAN (Jensen Ackles) actually reminds me of Spike. Or to be more accurate I guess his character reminds me of Spike. would be awesome if James would guest star or hell, maybe even come on as a recurrent role. I think I would prefer him to have a human role, because it would be something different for him on a show about the maybe the rogue demon hunter idea would be perfect.

Oh who am I kidding????? I would be happy to see James in any role.....especially Spike again some day (yeah I know it's a dream but I can't help it), but I'll take all the James Marsters I can get any way I can get him!!!!!!

I applaud the producer's and his wife's fantastic taste and hope something comes of this!!!!!!
That would be cool. I agree James in a human role would be better. There is only one Spike,they should not try to copy that.

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