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January 25 2007

"The Invisible Jet Is Confusing". The not so glamorous side of being Wonder Woman.

Via the highly enjoyable "The Wonder Woman Blog". Apparently the lass in the video is campaigning to be in the movie or something like that.

Also, I'd think the stale french fry crumbs and coffee spill stains beneath the cockpit were a bit embarrassing.

And, Simon, the 'woman in the video' is G4TV AOTS co-host Victoria Munn. I don't know that she considers herself a "serious actress," or is vying for this most coveted role. The show features daily humorous satirical vignettes on popular culture.

You can find an out-take from Olivia's WW skit here:

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Your villians are lame.


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Nice finds! And actually funny on purpose. BTW, there's an invisible boat on SpongeBob Squarepants (owned by aging superheroes Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy) and there's no end to the gags for how troublesome that can be. Third degree burns much? Yeah, like that. But the origami button is cool.

It'll be interesting to see Joss' take on the Invisible Jet.

And now I must buy some superhero stamps!
Actually, it's OLIVIA Munn, and she's co-host of G4TV's "Attack of the Show" program. This was a skit they did a couple of weeks back. It's funny, but not the best they've done. You should check out just about anything with their Office Jesus character... those are gold.
She's actually pretty dang funny. I rather like her.

That said, it does bring up a few good points. WW is going to have a few more issues to address than the average superhero, I guess. I really can't picture Joss making a movie where the heroine runs around in a bustier and panties ensemble accessorized with a tiara.
No pockets. That's awesome.
These are all valid problems and I actually am looking forward to the movie more because I want to see Joss come up clever solutions for all of them.
Right, Haunt - Olivia Munn. Sadly, when Time-Warner consumed Comcast a couple months back, they dropped G4TV in my area. I do recall office Jesus. And the on-going tortured interns skits...
The invisible jet gag reminded me a lot of the cloaked Bird of Brey in Star Trek IV.

Kirk: Now everyone remember where we parked!
Hahahah, that was great. I'm proud to say I was interviewed at a convention for that show, once.

But sadly, these are the reasons I have NO idea how ANYONE can pull off a Wonder Woman movie.
I think she should keep the tiara. I love tiaras.
That sucks, napua. Sorry to hear that. My wife and I love AOTS (I'm actually watching it right this very second). And Kevin Pereira is one of the funniest bastards I've seen. Just as an example, check out his "Guilty Until Proven Innocent" rant (I LOVE it when we're reminded how generally stupid and worthless the human race can be)...
That was very amusing, nice find as usual Simon. The star spangled panties and invisible jet are definitely cringe inducing - perhaps we'll get a "rebirth" of WW where some of the more problematic areas are missing or glossed over.
No wonder (pun not intended) Joss is taking so long with the script. Will WW be here in 2008? 2009?
All I know about WW is from the old show. She fought Nazis. Now I don't like Nazis, I'd hate to wake up and find a bunch of Nazis crawling all over my face, but I don't think they belong in superhero films even as villans.
Who else does she fight? and how will a lasso help her, even if it does make people tell the truth? Will she fight corrupt politicians?
I'm one of those evil oldschool techtv fans. I never got into AOTS. I did try. Anyway, I don't have g4 anymore...but it was a fun little vid.

Yeah, the rogue gallery is a big problem for the movie. Good luck, Joss.
That's hilarious! I really think, if they let him, Joss is going to make Wonder Woman an awesome movie.
Hmmm. It was always the "truth telling" lasso I found off while I was a lad growing up.
Btw, The WW out-take clip I posted above is a funny interpretation of the golden lasso.
I saw this when it aired on AOTS and thought Olivia was quite funny! Definitely was just a skit though and not her auditioning for the movie! I'm also a big fan of the show and think that Olivia and Kevin have great chemistry together! Much better than that XPlay duo!
For entirely unintentional Wonder-laughs, check out Typolad's "What Were They Thinking?" which has been focusing on Golden and Silver Age WW comics for the past month or so.
That was really funny! Well, if anyone can figure out how to make an invisble plane and spangled panties cool, it's Joss. "no pockets" - ha! love that!
Very funny. Loved the confusing invisible jet, and the "at least my costume has pants" comment. And the out-take is great. Thanks Simon and Napua for posting.
Heh, heh, could it be invisble panties and a spangled jet? Ouch!! Who threw that coconut?!;)
Ok, this isn't the cockpit.

Oh man, I needed that. Thanks linker. That was hilarious.
I really can't picture Joss making a movie where the heroine runs around in a bustier and panties ensemble accessorized with a tiara. and similar comments

What, and running around in a cape, blue tights and red knee-high boots is "normal"? ;-)

Superheroes have unusual costumes, period. WW's is just a little more patriotic and sexy less fabric-intensive than most. At least a tiara (which shows Diana's royal birth, right?) and satin shorts are less embarrassing than Clooney!Batman's carved torso armor *coughnipplescough*, yo. ;-)
Finding this really started my day off right! Loved it, Simon! And will be fine as soon as I wipe up the coffee I spilled all over my keyboard. *Grins*
Oh my that was funny, and I've never even read a Wonder Woman comic or seen the TV show!

I'm just guessing here, but surely Joss can get round the invisible jet thing by making it invisible to everyone but Wonder Woman? The lack of pockets though that could be harder! All scenes to take place in situations with lots of handy props?
billz - thanks for that. Everyone's always raggin on Wonder Woman's outfit, like other hero's aren't just as bad. I love the Green Arrow almost as much as Wonder Woman, but he looks like Robin Hood for pete's sake (and BTW, I do know his origin story, just making a point! :)!
No pockets? So what? Buffy had no pockets yet carried around that snazzy cell phone in the last season. So I have faith that Joss will figure out something here too.
I've never liked Munn. I enjoyed Sarah, Kevin Rose and Leo when they were on the show. It actually focused on computer related things and the gaming was interesting.

Munn is just so vanilla and boring, she always to seems to be trying way to hard.

I'm sure Joss will be very creative in his version of Wonder Woman and I trust that he will resolve any and all issues with the character.
I (of course) like the chunkier BBWW's. Some of the artwork for them was amazing. This was a fun find.
WW needs a Mary Poppins carpet bag equivalent - a little pouch on her "belt" could have an alternate universe in it.. (or at least a plant and a lamp)
Thanks, Simon! That was very funny (and it reminds me why the 'Runaways' don't trust adults in costumes).
Wonder Woman has good villians. Ever hear of the Olympian Gods!? Just have her go against the God of War, Ares (who btw is trying to make Wonder Woman his ultimate warrior to command his armies). If you've ever seen Xena, then you know it can work really well. Wonder Woman is all about greek mythology, so there better be a good chunk of it in the movie.
I'm still thinking when Buffy googled "Evil".
That was very well done. Thanks for the laugh.

"I (of course) like the chunkier BBWW's. "

Chunky? I didn't see...Oh you mean curvaceous. ;-)
Apparently we got someone's attention, 'cause AOTS is replaying Ms. Munn's little skit even as I type this.

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