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January 25 2007

Ron Glass interview from FX Show in Orlando. His nickname was "Big G" back in high school. "In 2002, Ron landed a role as one of the main characters, Shepherd Book, on Joss Whedon's hit sci-fi show Firefly."

I agree about his physique. He is in pretty good shape for a man his age.

It's funny but when I first saw the pilot ep "Serenity", I thought the charactor Book was older and a little decrepid because of the way he is walking when we first see him. Turns out it was just the way the show was seen on my TV screen. When we got the newer TV, I could see the way he is dragging his luggage and stuff behind him. And the light bulb went on over my head.

Gotta love a 42 inch plasma.
Don't think that's from the FX show in Orlando, since it hasn't happened yet. He'll be at it, yes, but not till this weekend.
Ron is on "Shark" on CBS right now! (playing a judge)
Actually I think this was a pre-interview as a way to promote the event. The schedule some interviews in advance to be released right before the show.
Ron Glass is the coolest! Didn't he play a judge on Friends too? Or was it an attorney. I think it's the episode where Ross is trying to get his marriage to Rachel annulled. It was quite comical.

Bunch of guests. Including Ron, Adam and Christina.
>>I agree about his physique. He is in pretty good shape for a man his age.>>
He's in much better shape than I am, and four years older as well. When I saw him at the 5/5/05 screening it was amazing how well he looked after seeing him in the BDM.
This is the second time I met Ron Glass. He is very personable and has such enthusiasm for the series. I didn't like the way that article spoiled his death.

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