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January 25 2007

AICN covers "Waitress", Nathan mentioned. A short but positive and personal review of the late Adrienne Shelly's "Waitress" at Sundance Film Festival. Nathan's role is mentioned.

OMG, Andy Griffith. Now I can't wait to see this movie. Nathan and Andy. I am in heaven.
Here is a great review of Waitress, with SPOILERS, on Daily Variety's website. They have a funny description of Nathan's performance, lol. There is a nice picture of Nathan and Keri Russell from the movie on the page, too. :-)
Yes, both really great reviews! I logged on, in fact, to share the Variety review, but you beat me to it, billz. Am really looking forward to seeing Waitress, and with all the good buzz being generated, have the feeling it may find an eager audience at theaters, as well as on DVD. *Is really excited*
Small mention of it at JoBlo as well.

Looks like it's praise all around for this one...

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