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January 26 2007

(SPOILER) Tony Head to guest star in animated Doctor Who adventure. But he won't be reprising his scene stealing stint from season 2 of new Who.

From evil headmaster to Scourge of the Galaxy... very cool.

I'm interested to see how the animated episodes come out. I love how the Doctor looks kind of badass in that little image. "Do NOT push me. I'll stab you with Martha's hair. Really, I will."
:) Always good to see Tony, maybe that's why he was recently known to be dining with David?
I was holding onto a little bit of hope that he'd been seen with David because he'd been cast as The Master, but I suppose not. Nontheless this is pretty cool, even if it will require watching Totally Doctor Who (was there really any need, can't kids just watch Doctor Who Confidential like the rest of us).

Hopefully this'll let us see more rooms of the TARDIS, and more bizarre alien worlds than are possible on a live action budget.
I hope it's as good as Stargate Infinity!
Well, Martha's hair as a cartoon. I just wonder how the U-S fans can see this. Maybe through DVD, I guess
I want Billie Piper back! I miss Rose.
Someone clear some Doctor Who info up for an american.

I just finished watching Series Two on dvd and downloaded The Runaway Bride.

Series Three hasn't aired yet, correct?

What is Doctor Who Confidential?

And Totally Doctor Who has had one season already, right?
Season 3 hasn' aired yet, starts in a few months (I'm guessing April 7th, as the last two seasons have started Easter Saturday).

Doctor Who Confidential is a half hour, behind-the-scenes programme that airs on BBC3 straight after every episode and covers that particular episode. 15 minute versions of these appear on both DVD sets. (season 1 was cut for rights issues regarding the show's original run, season 2 was cut so BBC3 could stick it anywhere they had 15 minutes free during the week, and so that they'd all fit on one DVD.)

Totally Doctor Who is a sort of children's version of Confidential and aired during season 2 of Doctor Who during the week on in the children's block of programming on BBC1. Apparently they've had a new set built in the new studios.
Thanks, Ghost Spike.

I love this show to death. I'll miss Rose too. The scene with her and The Doctor on the beach eviscerates me. I can hardly take it.
*snip* - Yeah, what Ghost Spike said.

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Oooooooh, April 7th is my birthday. I TOTALLY want new Who for my birthday.


That last noise, by the way, was my head exploding.

Tony Head...Doctor Who..Animated...Martha's hair...Okay. Okay. Deep breaths. Wow. This. Is. So. COOL.

Since WHEN is there an animated series, WHY did no one tell ME about it and WHEN on God's Green Gallifrey is this AIRING?

BrightShiner said:
"Since WHEN is there an animated series, WHY did no one tell ME about it and WHEN on God's Green Gallifrey is this AIRING?"

The animated series is new, and it's not a seperate show, it'll be airing as part of Totally Doctor Who, which'll air for 13 weeks while season 3 airs (possibly starting early April). I'd imagine that all together it'll add up to about a 1 hour story, which is pretty damn cool.
Thanks. Whew. Calmed down now. I forgot that I'd actually USED the phrase "God's Green Gallifrey" up there. Frightening.
"Baltazar - Scourge of the Galaxy." Now what actor in his right mind hasn't wanted to play a character with a name like that? Congrats to ASH!
I can't quite tell, is this the exact same style of animation as the BBC webcast shorts featuring previous Doctors? Those ones were Flash animations so I can understand why they'd come across a little stiff, but I don't know how much of that stiffness could actually be as a result of the style. (They look really stark and slightly weirdly shaded.)

I can't wait for the third season to start though! While Billie Piper was more fantastic than anyone could have ever expected, Freema Agyeman looks gorgeous and hopefully her experiences with the Doctor won't be as maudlin.

As for Anthony Head turning up on the show again, him turning up on the animated series can't hurt the possibility of that? David Tennant weaseled his way into previous Doctor Who spin-off media a couple of times but actually became the Doctor, and I know that with the second Romana they simply claimed that she modeled her appearance based on some minor character she encountered (but it was just an opportunity to recycle an actress).

...Isn't ASH doing the voiceovers for Doctor Who Confidential this year too? He's so involved and was up for the role in the 1996 TV movie that I imagine they'd want to be able to keep hiring him...
Possibly since he did the VO for the Christmas Special Who Confidential of the concert (which I thought was fantastic BTW, Tenn doing the compèring duties and the BBC Wales Orchestra playing the musical cues live - seeing the kids faces was just great, took me back a few years. Highly recommended to anyone who missed it first time round).

Didn't they have several people doing VO in S1 and 2 though (I remember Simon Pegg doing at least one, Mark Gatiss did a few etc.) ?

Not sure if i'll catch this since i'm useless at remembering to set the video before leaving for work. Not really a morning person ;). Who's turning into a right little cottage industry what with 'The Sarah Jane Adventures', 'K9 and Friends', 'Torchwood' and now this. Hope it doesn't spread everyone too thin.

(must say I quite like that tiny snippet of the animation style though. Reminds me of Samurai Jack)
Simon Pegg did all of season 1 of Confidential, and Mark Gatiss did all of season 2. Would be great if Tony Head did season 3, I didn't think Gatiss was really all that good at it, not as good as Pegg was at least.
Really ? Memory's on the fritz (could've sworn there were more than those two doing it). Agreed though, Gatiss didn't make the narration quite as entertaining as Pegg.
Pegg makes everything entertaining! :) HOT FUZZ NOW!!!
Oh man, I saw the full trailer just before 'Rocky Balboa' and it looked funnier than a bag of monkeys. Another big slice of fried comedy gold methinks ;).

(which is out here in about 2 weeks. Not *cough* 2½ months *cough* ;)
Brag away, Saje, I'll just go watch Spaced and whimper... ;) Or pray to my Buffy poster.

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