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January 26 2007

The Top 5 Most Underappreciated Actors. "The unjustly canceled Firefly should have made Fillion a TV star. The unfortunately unsuccessful Serenity should have made him a movie star".

He's the fourth actor on the list.

"The unjustly canceled Firefly should have made Fillion a TV star. The unfortunately unsuccessful Serenity should have made him a movie star."

I thought they did.........;)

On a serious note, I completely agree that by the masses he is underappriciated and I hope that will change in the near future because he is absolutely amazing!

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I'm still fuming, so please pass by.
Empire magazine January 2007 page 92

picked SLiTHER as #18 of 25 top movies of 2006.

On the same page under "50 things we learned this year"

also #18. "These people should be bigger stars: Jason Statham, Justin Long, Emily Blunt, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Nathan Fillion"

Sad no pics of SLiTHER or Nathan.
He had a great great role on Lost too.
Sigh. He'll always be a star to me...
Well, Firefly and Serenity didn't do it. SLiTHER didn't. But I've been listening with mine ears, and I've heard about a new show on FOX (ACK! Er... I mean... yay) that he'll be in. Hopefully it will drive up his stock.

...sorry. I couldn't help it.
I agree that Nathan deserves to be a really huge star, but let's not be too bummed on his behalf. Whether he has enough mainstream recognition or not, he's been steadily doing some great work that will only build more of a following over time. Yay Nathan!
He's a big star to me!

But yeah. Deserves to be "bigger". However you define that term is certainly subjective. I'm not familiar with the work of all those mentioned in the article, but I'll add NF to the likes of John Leguizamo, Steve Buscemi, Ed Norton, etc. That's some great acting company.
He's Bill Pardy! Best DVD extras EVER.
Nathan has it all. It's just a matter of time before he gets an opportunity that makes his name as recognizable as Owen Wilson or Vince Vaughn (who even though I don't know how to spell his last name you all know who I mean).

He is certianly as talented, and has that natural likability factor, which I guess just comes hand-in-hand with him being such a good decent guy.

Edited because I even spelled Owen wrong! Early morning here in the US.

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