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January 28 2007

Buffyverse action figures pics from the UK Toy Fair. Bland, almost unrecognisable, representations of Giles, Wes and Faith. The Spike figure isn't too bad though.

The first Faith is great except for the eyes. The second Faith has the eyes right but the mouth is wrong. Spike looks old and Giles looks about seventeen.
The Fyarl version is actually quite nice, but it took me a while to figure out that was supposed to be Wesley.
Hell, those are fowl! Oh god and Giles....words fail me!

The company who sculpted them (Gentle Giant) aught to be ashamed really.
Faith is a good sculpt (looking like Eliza Dushku is a first for Faith, who has previously looked like Kate Beckinsale and Jenny Agutter...) but those paint jobs are, I hope, preliminary.
I wish Moore stuck with the series.
I'm not sure what everyone is complaining about. Sure, the likenesses for Wesley and Giles are pretty bad, but at least they have decent proportions and very detailed clothing. These are better than 90% of the Buffyverse action figures I've seen.
'Randy Giles' looks quite good IMO - I think the Spike head is probably the most accurate. I haven't looked at all the Faith ones yet.
RaisedByMongrels I think the reason is they are a professional Toy manufacturer and such 'sub par' likenesses shouldn't have been released.

The clothing doesn't compensate for the lack of good sculpting on the heads, and the cloths aren't all that great either judging by what else is out there.

Lord you should see what the likes of Mcfarlane produces. It throws this line in the worse possible light.
Fortunately, the standard line of Buffy figures may be coming to a much-deserved end, replaced by a new Deluxe line which Diamond seems to actually care about. This is speculation, but, we'll know more in February at the US Toy Fair. As you may know there have been a few waves of the new Deluxe line made already, and they've been hit or miss, but the upcoming wave of Deluxe Willow figures has outstanding likenesses and excellent clothing that is far superior to what the standard line of Buffy figures has been receiving for the past couple of years.

The current Buffy figures remind me of those cheap Sigmund Freud and other historical figures.
This is a bit like that scene in The Specials.
Fyarl demon Giles looks pretty good, I may add that to my collection. The Spike is the best of the Watcher set but I really don't need another Spike in my collection. As for the rest, well I've seen worse, but I sure won't be buying any.
I've been waiting for a long time for a Giles that looks like Giles. How sad is it that I might have to settle for the Fyarl demon? I can't see Faith at all in that, except from a great distance and squinting.
In the first Faith fig, why is her hand as big as her head? Other than that, I agree that the sculpt for the body and head is nice, but the features (sculpted and painted) are still wrongwrongwrong.

The second Faith fig is much better features-wise (though it still has that gigantor haaaaand), and might just be the closest I've seen to a *ahem* faithful rendering (considering I've not seen one in, like, ever).

Fyarl Giles is awesome, but the other two Giles figs are completely unrecognizable (so much so that if they got separated from their base and other identifying doohickeys they'd be useless).

The Wesley fig, if that is what it is supposed to be, looks like leftover stock from a bad attempt at "Mr. Anderson" Neo.

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Spike looks like my grandfather.

This one is blatantly Simon Tam.

And who is the Asian guy?
Oh lord, it's Wes. Whoops.

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