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January 29 2007

Brownquote of the Day. It's so gorram clever, cribbed it from Nathan's MySpace page, makes a shiny addition to your page or blog!

Page says Quotes from Buffy & Angel TV Shows too.

And that it works in LiveJournal too.

Don't know what this means: Add Daily Quotes to Google Homepage

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if you have a personalized google homepage, you can add the quotes there.
The Buffy & Angel quotes don't seem to work. I added the Brownquotes & the Buffy & Angel quotes to my google and just got two Brownquotes.

Edited to add : But it worked fine on MySpace

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Have had this for a week or so. It's slowly making its way around the Browncoats in my friend list. I like it alot!
On Live Journal it shows in your Profile page - which not many people see very often. Dunno if there's a way to get it to show on the main page - has anyone any suggestions? It's a cool idea!
just added it to my myspace page!
looks great!

I posted your question on this thread. thread BrownQuote for MySpace and LiveJournal!

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RANDOMDAN answered over on

If you have a *paid* account on LiveJournal, you can go to "My LJ" > "Customize the look of your journal" > "Custom Options" > "Components" and then paste the codes from the BrownQuote LiveJournal page into the "Free Text Component" box. Finally set "Enable Free Text" (on the same screen) to "Yes", hit the "Save Changes" button and you're good to go. Quotes will now show up next to your journal.

You can change one of the BrownQuotes on Google to show Buffy quotes by clicking the edit link at the top of the box.

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