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January 29 2007

My week with Whedon on 'The Office'. Pics and an account of Joss on set. "[He] came in and kicked ass". There is no higher praise really.

If you missed it, Joss' account of working on 'The Ofiice' can be found here.

And according to someone in the know (and many thanks to them for the info), Joss' episode will air during sweeps (February?) and is called .

Good read. And I really like Joss' t-shirt. I want one like that!
Garim, I was just going to say the same thing about the shirt, lol! Great, great link, Simon. :-)
Plot details and air date can be found here
Once again, his top-blokedness is revealed. Still waiting for his evil-geniusness to be revealed whereupon he takes over all TV networks everywhere and makes them, y'know, good. The Joss shall rise again !

And yep, very cool T-shirt. I'm now picturing what an Arkham Asylum sports day would look like ;).
Who is this guy?
I'm guessing he's the PA in the 'The Office' crew referenced in this post from the other thread.
According to his MySpace profile, he's a/the production assistant for the assistant directors.
In case it hasn't been said in one of the other threads...

"Oh no! Which of my favorite "Office" characters is going to die that week? Is no one safe? Arrrghhh!!!!"
Here's the NBC listing info for the episode. It will air in February 15th.

you can definitely get that shirt that he's wearing.

I'm pretty sure jay and silent bob's secret stash also sells the shirt if you are near westwood.
I'm guessing he's the PA in the 'The Office' crew referenced in this post from the other thread.

No doubt, Saje. I was thinking that story sounded familiar! ;-)

theyarescientists, thanks for the link for the Arkham Asylum Athletic Dept. T-shirt! I wants it, my precioussss. ;-)
Dagnabit. The cool shirts never come in my size >:(

That is one spectacular birthday present though!
Okay, so the is Jossir's "God-is-my-hostile-witness coincidence."

In my own little fantasy world, where I spend much of my time unencumbered by so-called "reality," that is this guy.

ETA (in haste): Happy Birthday to her Ladyship of the Brick.

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2007-01-29 20:56 ]
Oh, that's so nice. More proof that Joss appreciates the peeps around him (I hear and obey you on the right purpleness, Zeitgeist). And he's so cute in those photos, you just want to hug him around a zillion times.
Well played, TonyaJ.
Ooh, sounds like a fun episode. I'm so very happy getting The Office news on Whedonesque. The show is so good when they leave Dunder Mifflin.

The different plots in the episode sound like they'll be full of : all components to a great episode. I can't wait!!

[ edited by Arabchick on 2007-01-29 21:14 ]
I wonder if any of Pam's ? (BTW, if you haven't seen Lollilove, rent or buy a copy today, lol!) :-)
QuoterGal: Thank you very much, but my birthday isn't for two months ^^;; My comment about the great birthday present was in reference to the blogger's mother and her very special phone call.

(I very much like the image though and will save it for the actual occasion!)
Wooops, Lady Brick. Jumped the gun, or am very late for the party.

I'm so used to folks being subtle about mentioning their birthdays that I over-interpreted you, as I am wont to do...

Ah, well. I love the Hollywoodland sign, too...
Yeah, I'm rarely subtle when it's my birthday... it's all "I WANT PRESENTS AND PHONE CALLS FROM MY FAVORITE WRITERS AND I HOW YOUNG DO I LOOK?" Which may be why everyone just ignores me.
The plot sounds similar to one of the British episodes. Which is no bad thing as that episode is amazing.
That sounds so awesome. *drools*

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