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January 29 2007

Anya in A Valentine Carol. Emma Caulfield is starring in the upcoming Lifetime movie, A Valentine Carol, to air on February 11 at 9pm.

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a ha! I thought that I caught her on an advert for something last night!
But it didnt show up again. Thanks Hitnrun017!

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Ha! Another person turning up and ruining another wedding - she's an unlucky woman. I love my Hells Bells Anya action figure.
And how likely is it that it will be any good? What are the Lifetime movies like? (Had to join my Goners friends in posting!)
Did Bandwagon ever come out on DVD? It's one Buffyverse alum movie I've always wanted to see.
Oh God, Lifetime. The channel for movies about women in peril or suffering through broken romances. Well, I sat through 75 minutes of Gryphon so I think I can do the same for Emma and her movie.
Tonya J, you must have missed -Child of Rage-. Lifetime has some very entertaining movies.

*waves at Goners*
Aw, Emma. I watched Gryphon and Initiation, I'm sure Valentine will be watchable.

*still is upset about Anya*
I loves me some Emma, but Lifetime? Er, I think I'll be busy that day. :-(
In my opinion, Emma was the most talented actress to come out of BtVS, and the fact that she hasn't gotten more play is a travesty. The wouldn't let her work comedy before, and they're not letting her work comedy now. Anyone with two brain cells would have given her her own sitcom the second Buffy wrapped. I'm glad Emma is keeping busy, but she should be able to seen in more than just lifetime movies.
Don't forget Amber Benson's recent "classic" was Holiday Wishes on Lifetime.

I loved Emma Caulfield as Anya, I think she was and is underappreciated. And I too still can't get over her death. But what I don't understand is why Emma doesn't get the work. Does anyone have any theories (or actually know) why?
Emma has beena big critic-from-within of The BIz and she doesn't like certain aspects of the office politics of it, dislikes them to the extent she doesn't play some of them. Plus she's the wrong party and so many influential Yorkelinos think all Republicans are like me, so people like Emma suffer for it.

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